Inside Blue Bloods Star Vanessa Ray's Marriage

Vanessa Ray is known for playing Officer Edit "Eddie" Janko-Reagan where she is married to Sergeant Jamie Reagan on "Blue Bloods." Her real life partner is musician Landon Beard. The musician got creative while proposing to Ray in 2015, as he popped the question when the couple took a walk near the Hudson River. Beard made sure that his future wife's best friend was there for the occasion, but she remained incognito. "Totally unbeknownst to me, he had Kelly [her friend] fly out from L.A.," Ray told Hola! in March 2015. "She was disguised in a black wig pretending to be a tourist taking pictures during the whole thing," the actor added. The couple did not wait long to walk the aisle, as they were married months later in June 2015. It was a low-key affair described to E! News by the newlyweds as an "intimate and relaxed event with an eclectic, boho feel."

Years later, the married couple decided they wanted to start a family. "I literally was at work crying and I went to Bridget Moynahan and I was like, 'I just called Landon and we think we should be parents,'" Ray told People in March. They wanted to adopt, which led to Ray consulting her "Blue Bloods" co-star, Peter Hermann — who was familiar with the adoption process. By November 2023, Ray and Beard adopted their son, Isaac Ray Beard. Prior to their family growing, the couple had hit a rough patch that tested their marriage.

How Vanessa Ray and Landon Beard's relationship was strengthened

Before adopting their son, Vanessa Ray and Landon Beard considered baby names. The name they settled on came from a difficult time in their relationship. "My husband was like, 'Hey, remember when we were on that hike and we were broken up and you had mentioned the name Isaac and how isn't that the most beautiful thing,'" the "Pretty Little Liars" actor recalled to People in March. Even though Ray was unclear about the timeline when the couple temporarily split, similar to some of her "Blue Bloods" castmates, she had a few dark secrets.

Ray spoke candidly about a tumultuous time in her life when she appeared on the "Women On Top" podcast in January 2021. The former soap opera actor revealed that she struggled with drugs and alcohol, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while married to Beard. Part of her treatment for these issues involved spending time in a mental health facility. "Then, when I came back to the real world — you know, Landon and I ... had to have a ton of therapy as well within that," Ray said on the podcast. The changes led to the couple recalibrating the dynamics of their relationship. "And so all of a sudden I was like no, no, no, I don't need your help ... [I]t was difficult on our marriage," she said, while adding that they addressed their codependence. "Ultimately, we've come out on the other side," Ray said.

It appears the couple's love was only strengthened by the adversity.

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Vanessa Ray's touching Instagram posts about her husband

Perhaps the couple had hit difficult times in the past, but fans would never know it by following their Instagram accounts. Vanessa Ray has offered glimpses into her married life to Landon Beard. To celebrate their five-year anniversary, the "Blue Bloods" star gushed over her husband. "Still crazy bout ya. Thanks to our friends and family for sticking this out with us. To know us is to KNOW us, ya know?" she wrote in the Instagram post from June 2020. A year later, Ray shared another adorable anniversary post which included a carousel of pics of the couple candidly spending time together at an event and sharing a kiss. "We made it to 1st grade (6 years.)" she wrote in the caption.  

The "Pretty Little Liars" alum has also shared snaps from the pair's holiday memories together. "Your favorite dorks (accidentally) wore matching Christmas outfits. I too am disappointed in us, but also we love Nikes and each other so," Ray wrote in a post from December 2021 which saw the couple pose in front of a Christmas tree in holiday gear.

Not to be outdone, Beard has fawned over his wife on Instagram. Beard has been particularly sappy when celebrating Ray's birthdays. "She blesses every person she comes into contact with. It is I who got the gift when she was born. Happy Birthday my love," he wrote in June 2021, alongside a snap of the married couple sharing a kiss while perched atop a boulder.