Amanda Bynes' Top 5 Most Bizarre Hair Transformations

Amanda Bynes has gone through a lot of ups and downs in her life, and so has her hair. She began her acting career before she turned 10 years old as she starred in commercials on television. The actor became more of a recognizable celebrity with her successful career as a child star after landing a gig on the Nickelodeon television show "All That" in 1996 before eventually getting her own series, "The Amanda Bynes Show." Throughout her early career, Bynes rocked her dark brown natural locks that didn't seem to change much. The only thing the actor did with her hair at the beginning of her career was cut it and grow it out, but other than that, her brown hair seemed to stay the same.

Bynes' first major hair transformation came in the early and mid-2000s when she went from brown to blond. The "Easy A" star's change in appearance wasn't strange, however, as the blond hair dye looked natural and went well with her appearance, but even this hairstyle didn't last long. In 2008, Bynes went back to her natural roots, returning to a dark brown color that was close to how her hair originally looked. It seemed like Bynes wasn't big on exploring things with her hair aside from typical styles and colors, but that changed over the years as she's had some bizarre hair transformations through the years.

Amanda Bynes wild hair accessory

Amanda Bynes is back to blonde! Bynes' life today has seen her taking the streets of sunny Los Angeles, showcasing a new look worthy of a double take. In April 2024, the actor stepped out to run errands in a pretty laid-back way, her Chanel purse and earrings notwithstanding. Bynes wore gray ripped jeans and a matching sweater to complete her casual look, but her hair stole the attention.

Bynes' very short hair was pulled back into a mini ponytail on top of her head. Her dark brown, almost black roots, peaked through as they led into her platinum blond locks. Although this doesn't seem too strange, Bynes paired the hairstyle with a lot of accessories. The "What A Girl Wants" actor had a ton of black hair clips in her hair that seemed to have no pattern, making the look a bit strange. Still, Bynes has always been a fan of wearing things that suit who she is.

In 2007, when the actor launched her clothing and accessory line, she told The ShowBuzz (via CBS News), "I love to wear clothes that make me feel cute but that are just an extension of my personality, colorful or whatever mood I am in for that day." Bynes' mood for her wild blonde look must have been accessorizing to the max with all the clips she had in her locks.

Amanda Bynes' blue-haired court appearance

Amanda Bynes looked a little blue when she attended court in 2013 and not just because of her legal issues. Bynes has been arrested several times, and one of those included an incident in her apartment building. According to a report, Bynes was rolling a joint and smoking in the lobby of a building before establishment officials called to complain. Authorities responded to the complaint, and when they arrived at Bynes' apartment, there was said to be a lot of smoke and a bong in her home. Prosecutors claimed that Bynes threw the bong out the window while officials were there. This issue became the reason for Bynes' appearance in court, and people were taken aback by how she presented herself.

Many celebrities who faced legal issues and had to appear in court try their best to look as professional as possible, but Bynes chose to go about her court appearance in a different way. The "Hairspray" actor wore a black jersey-style shirt with black jeans and sunglasses to match. Her hair stood out the most as she rocked a bright baby blue hairstyle, which was a wig. It's unsure why Bynes wore a bright blue wig, but it definitely made a statement.

Amanda Bynes disheveled blonde look

Do blondes have more fun? Ask Amanda Bynes because she is a fan of going blond. Bynes has often changed her natural brown hair to a much lighter look. The 2008 SAG Awards was just one of the many red carpets where we saw the actor step into a blonder hairstyle. Her hair at the event had a natural blend from her darker roots to the blonde that was nicely pulled back into a half-up half-down braid. Although she later ditched the light hair color, she always found her way back to it, even if it may not have been real.

In July 2013, Bynes was spotted in New York City trying to dodge paparazzi. Much like she did in many of her casual outings, the "She's the Man" actor dressed for comfort, rocking blue sweats and a black long-sleeved shirt. Although she tried to avoid the cameras with a dog and big shades, people could recognize Bynes anywhere, even while wearing a wig. The actor had a platinum blond wig covering much of her face, and the bangs that were attached didn't help. The wig was styled in curls and honestly wouldn't be too strange except that it was all over the place. It didn't look to be brushed through whatsoever, and it only got worse as the actor tried to escape the paparazzi, who have caused many issues with celebs in the past.

Amanda Bynes goes pink

In September 2019, Amanda Bynes nearly broke the internet twice in one tweet after she revealed on X, formerly known as Twitter,  that she signed up for Instagram. Bynes wrote the caption, " Hey guys! I'm on instagram now! Check me out," including a link to her account on the platform. Fans were thrilled to see the actor join the social media platform but couldn't keep their eyes off the photo she used to promote it. The image showed that Bynes had a complete transformation and dyed her hair into a bright pink color. The "Easy A" actor's roots still could be seen, but the rest of her hair was bright pink. She also had a unique hairstyle as half of her hair was pinned back, and she had bangs on only one side of her face.

The actor seemed to enjoy the pink hairstyle, keeping it longer than people may have expected. In December 2019, Bynes headed to court for an appearance regarding her conservatorship, still rocking the same 'do. This time, however, instead of having her long pink locks down and out for everyone to see, Bynes pulled them back into a bun and had all her bangs in front of her face. She's no stranger to switching up her hairstyle in different colors, but usually, it's a wig and not her natural hair.

Amanda Bynes goes jet black

Amanda Bynes has kept fans on their toes with her ever-changing hairstyles. According to Us Weekly, in March 2022, Bynes went from an ombré black-and-gray hairstyle to a jet-black look. The "Hairspray" actor shared a now-deleted video to debut her new appearance, but her hair was pulled back into a bun. Nonetheless, it was clear that the gray touches to her hair that she once had were gone. Bynes continued to post more photos and videos of herself — which have since been deleted – with a darker look that reached a couple of inches below her shoulder. One thing that hadn't changed when the actor dyed her hair black was her bangs, but everything else was completely different than any other hairstyle she had done before. 

This wasn't the last time that Bynes dyed her hair completely black. In December 2023, after sporting a blonde look, she decided she wanted to switch it up and go back to black. However, the look didn't last long. The next day, Bynes posted that she was returning to her previous platinum blond hair. She said, "I didn't like the black hair on me and I'm going back to blonde." 

Fans may be worried about Amanda Bynes, but if there's one thing about her, she's going to do whatever she wants with her hair and her life.