Body Language Expert Tells Us Why Jelly Roll & Bunnie Were Out Of Sync At 2024 CMT Awards

Jelly Roll is basking in the glow of his CMT Music Awards victory on Sunday, but a body language expert exclusively revealed to Nicki Swift why they believe the singer and his wife weren't on the same wavelength ahead of the ceremony.

Continuing his hot streak, the country music sensation took home three major awards, including the trophy for Video of the Year for his hit song "Need a Favor" and wins for Male Video and CMT Performance of the Year. It was a cherry on top for Roll, who has already solidified his status as one of country music's biggest acts. "Thank you to CMT, man. I couldn't believe it, y'all gave me a chance last year,"  Roll said during one of his acceptance speeches. "I came back this year on fire, baby! I'm having one of the greatest nights of my life!"

There to cheer for Roll on his big night was his wife and No. 1 fan, Bunnie XO, to whom Roll gave a massive shout-out after being presented Video of the Year by Billy Bob Thornton. "My beautiful wife, Ms. Bunnie DeFord, I am blessed to have you as a partner," he said. "You find beauty in broken things and I love you." Earlier, he and Bunnie set the tone for this year's awards show with major PDA on the red carpet, greeting the crowd hand-in-hand and sealing it with a passionate kiss. While it was a beautiful moment for the couple, body language expert and communications executive Amy Prenner couldn't help but notice something was a bit off. 

Blame it on the nerves

Was it just us, or did Bunnie XO seem a tad distracted strutting down the CMT Music Awards red carpet with hubby Jelly Roll on Sunday? Spotlight jitters might be to blame, according to communications executive Amy Prenner, CEO of The Prenner Group, who exclusively explained to Nicki Swift why the pair seemed totally out of sync during the awards show. "Bunnie's distraction doesn't necessarily mean she's not excited for Jelly Roll. She's just feeling the nerves, maybe even letting her guard down a bit," explained Prenner. "Instead of fully immersing herself in the moment, she's likely realizing the magnitude of what's about to happen."

It was, after all, a huge night for Roll. Regardless of the contrast in their body language, Prenner said Bunnie and Roll's sweet gesture on the red carpet seemed authentic. "They still seem to be loving and supportive of each other and their respective careers," she noted. "Their body language might appear somewhat choreographed for the event, as is often the case in show business. But this doesn't necessarily mean it's not genuine; it's just a reflection of the situation they find themselves in."

Ultimately, it's important to note that a single moment like this doesn't necessarily define their relationship. As Bunnie herself told ET, she is extremely proud of her husband for what he has achieved. "Being proud is like not even... I can't even say it to him anymore. Like, what do you say to a man who gets everything he dreams of?" said Bunnie. Seeing her husband living his dreams makes her very emotional, says Bunnie. "It's like, 'What is going on? What is life?'" she added.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO had a scare before the award ceremony

While nerves could be the reason Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO were out of sync at the 2024 CMT Awards, the pre-show excitement they encountered hardly paved the way for a calm arrival. Ahead of the big night, the "Need a Favor" singer and his wife experienced a little airborne drama while heading to Austin, Texas, for the awards ceremony.

In a video shared on TikTok, Bunnie revealed that their private plane was forced to make an emergency landing. "When the private jet you're in just stopped mid-air, turned around & said we had to emergency land because of a malfunction," she wrote in the video, which was captioned: "CMT I swear we're coming." In a follow-up clip, the model can be heard asking her husband about the situation. "They said it's an issue with the computer," he explained. "At least it wasn't the brakes!"

When a concerned fan dropped a comment asking if the couple was alright, Bunnie reassured them, saying, "We're good baby but that was scary."