Did Tom Cruise Ditch Scientology? Here's Why We Think He Didn't

When it comes to stars involved with Scientology, no one comes to mind quite like Tom Cruise. For that reason, when reports emerged that he may have left the controversial religion, it certainly came as a surprise. However, we doubt an exit ever happened. 

Murmurings of Cruise's departure from the Church of Scientology began back in July 2021, when The Sun revealed that he hadn't been seen at Britain's Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead — despite his involvement in developing the property, and the fact that he was living in the U.K. At the time, him not visiting the manor was attributed in part to him being stressed over the making of "Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One." However, a source also told The Sun that some felt he may have had a change in his religious beliefs. 

Two years on from The Sun's piece, questions were once again raised as to whether the actor had cut ties with Scientology. This time, sources told the Daily Mail that he still hadn't been seen at the organization's headquarters. Considering the fact that Cruise is generally seen as the face of Scientology, that was a shock. However, a few months later, he debunked the very idea that he had left. Enter Cruise arriving at HQ in a helicopter, press in tow. 

Tom Cruise was photographed flying into the headquarters

A few months after sources spoke to the Daily Mail about Tom Cruise's absence from the East Grinstead property, he made his triumphant return to it — and not without a little drama. The day he was photographed flying himself (because, yes, Cruise knows how to do that) into the property was also the day of the International Association of Scientologists' 39th anniversary bash. However, the press didn't show up to document the event. Au contraire, the Daily Mail arrived to document a protest taking place against the religion. Catching the actor arrive to the sprawling manor in his helicopter was just the cherry on top.

If Cruise was trying to move away from the religion he's been so closely tied to over the years, showing up to such a high-profile event probably wouldn't have been his first port of call. That's only part of what made this particular appearance a clear sign that he's as devoted to Scientology as ever, though. The protest covered by the Daily Mail had been planned well in advance, and even got media attention in the weeks leading up to it. In fact, The Guardian even reported that it was set to be the biggest protest against the religion on British soil. 

For that reason, we'll go ahead and say Cruise knew there was a chance he'd be spotted entering the event, and that it would quiet anyone who thought he was planning on leaving the organization. No ex-Scientologists here!

Tom Cruise seems to speak less about Scientology

While we have no doubts that Tom Cruise is still very much part of the Church of Scientology, it is worth noting that he has stopped speaking about it quite as much. In fact, a number of outlets have pointed out that while he was once known for his outspoken support of the organization, he barely acknowledges it in public these days. 

Back in the early 2000s, Cruise was so enamored with his religion that he did a Rolling Stone interview from the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood. He also wasn't shy speaking about it with other stars. Case in point: in his 2021 memoir, "Yearbook," Seth Rogen recounted the time Cruise attempted to recruit him and Judd Apatow while they were at a business meeting. So, what changed? Back in 2015, a source revealed to The Wrap that his press team had started demanding that his religion not be brought up in interviews. The revelation came around the same time as the anti-Scientology documentary, "Going Clear" was released, so it's not surprising that the actor and his camp wanted to avoid bad press. However, in the years since, it seems that no-go demand has remained in place. 

So, has Cruise left Scientology? It certainly doesn't seem like it. If anything, it seems he just wants to distance himself from the controversy that comes with the church.