Caitlin Clark Had Heads Turning With These Outfits Off The Court

Caitlin Clark's college basketball career has been nothing short of a fairytale! Clark made history on March 3 when she broke a 54-year-old NCAA Division 1 record and secured her reign as the all-time leading scorer — male or female. "It's really, like, crazy to think about," Clark said in a post-game interview about the feat, according to ESPN. "Obviously, if you had told me at the beginning of my college career, I would have laughed in your face." Then, on April 15, Clark was tapped as the No. 1 pick by Indiana Fever in the 2024 WNBA draft. "I dreamed of this moment since I was in second grade, and it's taken a lot of hard work, a lot of ups and downs, but more than anything, just trying to soak it in," Clark gushed, according to the NBA.

However, Clark's record-breaking skills and accomplishments aren't the only thing causing a stir. While the college athlete is perhaps best known for rocking her no-frills University of Iowa jersey, her fashion choices off the court are turning many heads! 

Caitlin Clark's 'Think Pink' moment

As Elle Woods once waxed poetic, "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." As for Caitlin Clark, it appears she'd tend to agree with that sentiment. On September 27, 2023, Clark and Nike dropped a joint Instagram post featuring Clark sporting an all-pink Nike Tech fleece windrunner and matching jogger set. "Before you build something new, you have to break some ground. This is #NikeTech," the caption read. As you might recall, Clark signed an endorsement deal with the famous footwear and apparel company way back in October 2022. 

Fortunately, the feedback on Clark's all-pink athleisure ensemble was primarily positive, with fans celebrating Clark for stepping out in pink. "Caitlin! Love this. Love the pink! You be you! Silly that ppl are telling you not to wear pink. Strong woman!" one Instagram user penned. Meanwhile, another wrote, "She looks good in pink." Alas, not everyone was thrilled with the Pepto Bismol aesthetic. "Why is it pink? Caitlin could not be less of a pink young lady. Women and girls like other colors. Like yellow, blue, green, red," another user quipped.

Caitlin Clark loves a good necklace

On April 3, the Iowa Women's Basketball Team uploaded a photo of Caitlin Clark on their official Instagram account. "Rock & Roll," the caption read along with a photo of Clark all smiles, sitting playfully behind a drum set, with sticks in hand. Simple enough, right?! WRONG.

In the shot, Clark is wearing a casual, long-sleeved black top with sheer sleeves. Cute! It wasn't long, however, until eagle-eyed fashionistas everywhere took note of Clark's accompanying jewelry — a dainty $580 Christian Dior Clair D Lune necklace. Fashion content creator and aspiring stylist Micaela Cacho-Negrete immediately hopped on TikTok to alert the masses and float the theory that Clark might sign an endorsement deal with the designer or (GASP!) even attend the 2024 Met Gala as their guest. "I know this is a silly video, but genuinely, I've never seen this girl in anything designer in her entire life," Cacho-Negrete noted. "She just pulls up to a casual dinner with this Christian Dior necklace. There has to be a sentimental story," she declared. TBD, we suppose.

Caitlin Clark was a lady in red

On April 12, Caitlin Clark received her second John R. Wooden Award, an award that is doled out to only the most outstanding college basketball players in the country. "I think the biggest thing is just how fortunate and lucky I am, and these awards never get old," Clark told ESPN's "SportsCenter." "I'm super fortunate to have a team like I do, to have played for a university that supports women's basketball so much and the two seasons that we've been able to put together the last couple of years have been really special."

But make no mistake, it wasn't just the hardware that stole everyone's attention. During the presentation, Clark dazzled in a red satin wrap dress fit for a record-breaking, 3-pointer hitting Queen. Clark tied the look together with a pair of pointy-toed white high heels."Her fit is fire omg," one X user gushed. Meanwhile, another user noted Clark's choice to go with a closed-toe shoe. "My closed-toe preference is mainly due to my long torso-short leg composition. Do not know if Caitlin has the same issue. But this is a good look," the user opined.

Caitlin Clark put the 'N' in 'SNL'

Caitlin Clark caused quite the ruckus during her April 13 "Saturday Night Live" debut. "My heart was pounding out of my chest," Clark told NBC's Stephanie Gosk about the surreal moment. "But I did alright," she added. It should be noted, however, that it wasn't her playful roast of comedian Michael Che that had everyone talking. It was her jacket — an all-black letterman jacket with an "N" emblazoned on it. "Why did Caitlin Clark go on SNL wearing a Nebraska jacket I gotta know," one X user asked. Meanwhile, another tweeted, "I know she's not but it looks like Caitlin Clarks wearing a Nebraska jacket on SNL rn." As it turns out, the "N" stands for Nike — not Nebraska — and according to Nike's official website, the jacket retails for a cool $550. Cha-ching!

But make no mistake — Clark wasn't done with her glam "SNL" appearance quite yet. Clark was later spotted heading into the "SNL" afterparty, wearing a cream-color knit Gucci shirt with wide-leg black pants and black and white Nikes. "I'm just telling you that when I saw this look, I screamed," Tiktok creator Micaela Cacho-Negrete gushed in a video. "Clearly, she really likes a black-and-white moment."

Caitlin Clark was a Prada girly at the 2024 WNBA Draft

All Prada, everything! Caitlin Clark arrived at the 2024 WNBA Draft in style, sporting head-to-toe Prada, including a silver rhinestone crop top, white satin shacket and mini-skirt set, black mini bag, acetate sunnies, and a pair of black slingbacks to boot! "All Prada," Clark declared when asked what she was wearing, while walking the event's orange carpet ahead of the draft. "Prada's never dressed anybody for the NBA or WNBA Draft," she added.

According to Business Insider, the estimated total price of Clark's draft duds rings in at an eye-popping $16,875, which is roughly 22% of her estimated first-year WNBA annual salary. Fortunately for Clark, it doesn't appear she actually had to cough up the cash for said outfit. "Dressing an athlete for the draft is a first for Prada, and this is obviously a first for Caitlin, too. Both are at the forefront of what they do — it's almost too perfect," Clark's stylist for the evening, Adri Zgirdea Toth, told Marie Claire about the special fashion moment. 

Upon getting a glimpse of Clark's all-Prada 'fit, many viewers took to X to discuss. "Prada out here dressing hoopers now...the Caitlin Clark effect," one user wrote. Meanwhile, another tweeted, "The devil wears Prada and in this case, so does Caitlin Clark," along with the flame emoji. While some professionals have hinted that Clark could be humbled in the WNBA, it appears all systems are full speed ahead for the future professional baller!