Is That Really Barron Trump At Prom? We Poke Holes In Viral Rumor With This Tall Lookalike

Being the son of former president Donald Trump has made Barron Trump's school experience unordinary, so it was big news when photos circulated of him enjoying prom. On April 15, The U.S. Sun posted photos from the prom for Oxbridge Academy held at Wyndham Grand Jupiter Hotel which is about 20 minutes away from Mar-a-Lago. The Palm Beach private school uploaded a series of photos from the event dubbed "Monte Carlo Nights" to their Facebook page. "Luck was in the air, and elegance was the game at Oxbridge Academy's 2024 Prom," they wrote in the caption. The Sun identified a tall student in the back as Barron, but on closer inspection they appeared to have confused Donald's son with another student.

An Instagram carousel from the prom uploaded by a student on April 15 showed that the student identified as Barron was actually an Oxbridge student named Cameron Roxburgh. Roxburgh was tagged in the upload wearing a dark blue suit and a light blue tie. According to their LinkedIn profile, Roxburgh is set to graduate from Oxbridge in 2025. Roxburgh is likely recognizable to fellow Oxbridge students as they have a large following on Instagram, but their account is set to private.

Roxburgh was the tallest of their friends in group shots, but a previous snap that showed Barron towering over his pals was a clear indicator it was not Donald's son in the prom photos.

Comparing Donald Trump Jr.'s height

There was one Instagram photo uploaded by the Oxbridge Academy student before prom that both confused the matter of whether that was Barron Trump, while also making it clear it was not him. Donald Trump Jr. appeared in a group shot taken at a home before the students went off to prom. In the snap, Donald Jr. appeared to be the tallest of the bunch and that included the Barron lookalike. Of course, it has been well-documented that Barron is the tallest member of the Trump family, as Barron's height has been turning heads since he was 15 years old, so it is clearly not him in the pic with Donald Jr. No verified photos of Barron attending prom surfaced, and it was unclear if he attended prom before his pending graduation. 

Barron's high school graduation unexpectedly became a point of contention during Donald Trump's criminal trial. On April 15, the one-time president informed the media he petitioned to have the trial paused for his son's graduation, but was denied. "As you know my son is graduating from high school, and looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation," Donald told the press, per Fox News. He followed that up with a lengthy post to Truth Social denouncing the judge's decision.

Meanwhile, Judge Juan Merchan said the following day that the matter had not been decided. ""It really depends on how we are doing on time and where we are in the trial," Merchan said on April 15, per People.