What Alina Habba's Relationship With Trump's Family Is Really Like

Alina Habba has made her name known across the country after creating close ties with former U.S. President Donald Trump, but what is her relationship like with the rest of the Trump family?

Habba became part of Trump's inner circle after joining his legal team in 2021, earning herself a hefty salary. Since then, the two have gone hand in hand. Anywhere Trump goes, Habba is not far behind, supporting him through all his legal issues — and there have been many. In May 2024, as the political figure was on trial, the lawyer praised Trump's ability to juggle his packed schedule. She told NewsMax, "I mean — you're on a trial, and the thing that you do is go campaign. There's literally nobody tougher or more energetic than President Trump. I can tell you that." Habba and Trump clearly have a close friendship. It's undeniable. But what people have grown more curious about as she steps into the limelight is what her relationship is like with other family members.

The Trump family, including Ivanka, Eric, and Melania Trump, hasn't said much about Habba, but that doesn't mean they don't like her. In fact, as we dive into Habba's relationship with the rest of the famous household, we will see that she may be just as close to them as she is with Donald.

Alina Habba frequently hangs out with members of the Trump family

At this point, Alina Habba should just change her last name to Trump with how much she has become a part of the family. Not only is she close with Donald Trump, but the lawyer also has frequent hangouts with other famous members of the family.

In November 2023, Habba shared several snaps of her at a UFC fight. She wasn't alone at the event either; she sat alongside Donald Trump Jr. and Tucker Carlson. Habba was all smiles in the photos she posted, writing in the caption, "UFC 295 did not disappoint." Earlier that year, the businesswoman snapped a photo with another son of Donald's at a New Year's Eve party. Habba stood for a photo with Eric Trump and another friend, as they looked thrilled to be ringing in the New Year together. Eric and Habba have since taken their friendship a step further, joining forces for a fundraising event in 2024.

Of course, we can't forget the ladies of the Trump family and their relationship with Habba. Based on photos posted on her social media, it seems the lawyer has gotten close to them, too. In February 2024, Habba shared a photo of her alongside Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr.'s fiancée, looking happier than ever.

Alina Habba loves to gush about Trump family

Alina Habba loves to gush about the Trump family just as much as she loves to talk about Donald Trump. On her social media, the lawyer has given several shoutouts to members of the Trump household. In one post from April 2024, Habba shared a photo in which she is hugging Melania Trump in honor of the former first lady's birthday. She wrote in the caption, "Sending a big hug to the most elegant First Lady we have ever had. Happiest Birthday wishes @melaniatrump." Habba's tribute was definitely better than Donald's whiny birthday shoutout to his wife and showed just how close the former first lady and lawyer have gotten over the years.

A couple of months prior, Habba showed her support for another Trump member, well, almost a Trump member. When Kimberly Guilfoyle — Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancée – landed the cover of Impact Wealth Magazine in 2023, Habba was ecstatic for the former Fox News personality, sharing photos from a charity event that shined a light on the cover. The lawyer wrote on Instagram, "So proud of KG on the cover of Impact Wealth Magazine. Another year of mixing good people with a great charity Marine Toys for Tots. Thank you @kimberlyguilfoyle and @donaldjtrumpjr." So, while Habba's close relationship with the Trump family may be more hidden than her friendship with Donald, it's still ever so present.