The Worst-Dressed Celebrities At The 2024 ACM Awards

To quote Lainey Wilson, "Those boots will never go out of style," but sometimes country music's finest love to kick them off and get all gussied up for glitzy events like the 2024 ACM Awards. Unfortunately, for some singers, trading denim and leather for diamonds and lace isn't always an upgrade.

While every red carpet outfit can't be as revered as those boots that Wilson's deddy wore, the list of ACM nominees promised a night of unforgettable fashion moments. Country music's bell-bottom beauty queen herself was among them, and Wilson had the honor of being the only female singer nominated in the entertainer of the year category. Other style stars up for awards included Kelsea Ballerini, Kacey Musgraves, Kane Brown, and Megan Moroney. 

Reba McEntire also never goes out of style, and with the "Fancy" singer hosting her 17th ACM Awards show, the audience at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas, could look forward to seeing some stunning looks as she swapped outfits throughout the night. (Ahead of the event, she told Billboard her aesthetic would be "tough, sexy cowgirl.") It's just a crying shame she didn't get to critique every other attendee's look before the show so that she could warn some of them that "going out like that" might not be the best idea.

Kylie Morgan looked ready to scandalize a megachurch

The higher your hair, the closer you are to God. While Kylie Morgan might only date cowboys, from the neck up, she looked like the wife of a megachurch preacher. Her beehive hairstyle was an immaculate composition, and her coral silk robe was a bit choir-coded. From a distance, the jeweled embellishments on her dress even looked like tiny crosses. However, the scandalous length of her skirt would have little old church ladies clutching their crucifixes. (Somebody get this gal a role on "The Righteous Gemstones," stat!)

Reyna Roberts was a cabaret cowgirl

Reyna Roberts wrote the "Bad Girl Bible" and got to play a role in the launch of Mrs. Carter's country music career, so a sartorial serve was expected of her at the ACM Awards. But instead of giving us something daring and edgy like Beyoncé's X-rated "Texas Hold 'Em" single cover look, it seems that she looked to Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, and Lil' Kim's 2001 "Lady Marmalade" music video for style inspiration. Her outfit looked like a saloon girl costume, and the peach fabric draped around her hips also clashed with her red hair.

Scotty McCreery was a tall drink of layered beers

While former "American Idol" star Scotty McCreery gets some points for wearing something other than blue jeans and a blazer, his ensemble was a bit of an eyesore — what we're saying is that we're not "Feelin' It." He might sing about drinking cab in a Solo, but his outfit seemed inspired by a black and tan. His camel-colored coat looked a bit too tight, and it clashed with his black T-shirt. Any guy who wears a chain over a black top is also going to give off The Rock meme vibes.

Kassi Ashton's flamenco fiasco

Kassi Ashton has covered the Christina Aguilera classic "Genie in a Bottle," and it looks like she's entered her "Dirrty" era now. But instead of rocking low-rise undies and chaps with her brown suede bralette, she sported a layered skirt with ruffles and lace-up details; it's what you would get if you chopped up some brown chaps and petticoats and sewed them together. Her outfit also included some pretty shiny things: studs on the waist and a necklace with a concho medallion. Her outfit was more suitable for dancing the flamenco on the bar at Coyote Ugly than celebrating her first ACM nomination.

Karen Fairchild looked ready to visit a galaxy far, far away

Forget the boondocks; Karen Fairchild looked ready to blast off and explore Mars — or at least the B-movie set version of the red planet. The Little Big Town member wore a silver mini dress with a single sleeve and a pair of matching knee-high boots. The metallic fabric looked cheap, and her outfit brought to mind a sexy space cadet costume. Apparently, she managed to find a Spirit Halloween that opens extra early.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo's failed attempt at coordinating looks

Bunnie Xo's been known to wear some wild outfits, but the issue with her ACM dress wasn't that it was too revealing or flamboyant for the occasion. Unfortunately, the royal-blue hue of her figure-hugging gown clashed terribly with the light brown jacket that her husband Jelly Roll decided to wear. (Speaking of which, it looked like it was crafted from the skin of a cheap recliner.) Maybe she thought the copper-colored rhinestones her gown was embellished with would tie their looks together, but they just made it look like she'd been dusted with rusty glitter.

HunterGirl needed to hunt down a less chaotic outfit

The theme of the night for the ACMs seemed to be cheap costumes. Apparently, former "American Idol" competitor HunterGirl went bargain hunting last Halloween and found the black bustier from a warrior princess costume, a knockoff of Michael Jackson's red "Beat It" jacket, and the black velvet skirt from a sassy witch costume. To add some country flair to this random assemblage of garments, she made her outfit look more like a pile of closet clutter by slipping on a pair of red snakeskin cowboy boots.

Blake Shelton was just a guy with a rich girl in rags

If there's anything we know about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, it's that they are going to show up to events wearing fishnets, heels, blue jeans, boots, and a button-down shirt. (We'll let you sort out who wears what.) However, it seems that Stefani made Shelton throw on a blazer to dress up his regular red carpet uniform, while she wore a coat covered with fabric scraps shaped like feathers. Maybe she got bored down on the farm and chopped up some of her hubby's work rags to make it.

Kane Brown's pinstripes and ink weren't in sync

Maybe Kane Brown should have asked some of his famous friends for fashion advice. Instead, the entertainer of the year nominee channeled a tragic Donald Trump outfit by rocking a pair of slacks that were larger than the presidential hopeful's ego. Brown also decided not to wear a dress shirt underneath his white pinstripe blazer, which showed off his tattoos. Unfortunately, the murky appearance of his ink was incongruous with the clean lines on his coat.