Cosmetic Dermatologist Debunks Donald Trump Facelift Rumors For Us

Donald Trump, long hailed as the patron saint of tanning products, typically sports a perpetual orange glow. But as of late, it appears as though he's ditched the bronzer and resorted to drastic measures to Make his Face Look Good Again — or at least make it appear less saggy. According to some spectators, he must have gone under the knife and opted for a good 'ol facelift. But a cosmetic dermatologist tells Nicki Swift that there's zero truth to all these assumptions.

For context, the facelift rumors started when boxer Ryan Garcia posted a picture of him and Trump on Instagram, with the former president looking a little — err — youthful. He was all smiles, just like Garcia, and looked as if he was transported to decades earlier, a far cry from his troubling hair and trial look that his haters feasted on. There were zero wrinkles in sight, nor any hair out of place! "did u facetune his face ? why he look 20 yrs younger," one user commented, with another saying, "that ain't trump that a clone." Over on X, some assumed he had gotten plastic surgery, too, with a user betting that he's elected for a specific type of enhancement. "Trump def got a deep plane facelift he not playing this election," they tweeted.

However, according to Beverly Hills board-certified dermatologist Dr. Salar Hazany, it's virtually impossible for Trump to have gotten a facelift amid a presidential campaign and attending his hush money trial. But this doesn't mean that he hasn't gotten any tweaking done.

Trump's unlikely to have gone under the knife

In an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift, Dr. Salar Hazany cleared any speculations about Donald Trump potentially having a plastic surgeon on speed dial. Despite having been speculated to have received major plastic surgery, Hazany purports that they are all purely speculations. "It doesn't appear that he's had any facial surgery," he said. What's more, Trump's disheveled courtroom appearance doesn't hint at any nips and tucks. If anything, it might just be a case of a botched Photoshop job, or the harsh lighting in court. "This could be the lighting or simply editing," Hazany confirmed.

The dermatologist also went on to dismiss all the facelift rumors, too. While the idea of Trump getting one isn't far-fetched, Hazany pointed out that the logistics simply don't stack up. "Considering the demanding nature of Trump's schedule, it's highly improbable that he underwent a facelift. A facelift is an invasive surgery that requires significant recovery time," he explained. "With his recent court appearances, any downtime would be out of the question. It's more plausible that the photograph in question has been digitally altered." All this fuss could just be chalked to CGI, after all. Or perhaps he really does have a clone?

But he probably got laser treatment

So, if Donald Trump didn't get a facelift, what could possibly be the reason behind his youthful appearance in his photo with Ryan Garcia? Dr. Salar Hazany can't say for sure, but he has a plausible theory: laser treatment.

"There is a more viable alternative worth considering Trump may have had, a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment," he exclusively told Nicki Swift, noting that this type of enhancement has immediate results and doesn't involve a lengthy recovery. "Unlike a facelift, it requires less downtime, 5-7 days but still delivers impressive skin-tightening results after just one session. The C02 laser can produce prolonged redness that could be covered with makeup up, making it the more likely choice for The Donald."

While the facelift rumors might be off the table, Trump is no stranger to cosmetic procedures. According to details revealed by his late wife, Ivana Trump, in the divorce deposition back in 1990, Trump has previously undergone waist and chin liposuction and scalp surgery. In the book "Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump," by journalist Harry Hurt III, it was even purported that Trump experienced "nagging headaches caused by the shrinking of the scalp, and the pain of the initial incision," according to HuffPost. He's no stranger to intense plastic surgery, after all!