Barron Trump's Graduation Brings Donald And Melania Together Like We've Never Seen Before

Melania Trump's absence from Donald Trump's criminal trial and presidential campaign has raised questions about their relationship and where it stands. However, the couple's latest appearance at Barron Trump's graduation showed a side of the couple that the public hasn't really seen before.

Excitement built for Barron's graduation after Donald brought it into the limelight. The former United States president had to get permission from the judge in his criminal case to attend the ceremony, which was granted. Knowing he was attending and that Melania would never skip the important event for her son, people were eager to see the couple reunite on a public front. Although the graduation playlist, which featured artists who have publicly despised Donald, may have been a bit awkward for the businessman, it didn't dampen the couple's mood. They looked happier than ever at the event as followers got a glimpse of how they acted together.

One particular photo from the event snapped Donald with a genuine smile across his face, as it looked like he was waving to the crowd. Melania's reaction to her husband's attention wasn't one of discomfort but rather playfulness. The former first lady was laughing and even rested her hand on Donald's waist. With all the negative things that have been said about the couple, it was nice for many to see a new side to them. These past couple of weeks have been filled with plenty of insight into Donald and Melania's relationship, both good and bad.

Donald Trump's criminal trial spilled the details on his relationship with Melania Trump

Barron Trump's graduation has given people a new perspective on Donald and Melania Trump's marriage. Opinions about the couple's romance constantly change, especially with all the relationship details that have come out in the former president's criminal trial.

As much as Melania has tried to avoid Donald's legal issues, she continues to remain on the lips of the people in the courtroom. For one, Stormy Daniels, who was allegedly paid hush money to keep quiet about her affair with Donald, gave a testimony, showing the businessman and Melania's strained relationship. The adult film star recalled having a small conversation about the former first lady, where, according to CNN, Donald said, "We don't sleep in the same room." It seemed clear that Donald and Melania's relationship was not picture perfect, but another testimony showed a different side of the couple, more in line with what people saw at Barron's graduation.

When Madeleine Westerhout, a former White House aide, took the stand, she told the jury about the fun-loving perspective she saw of the couple. "I remember thinking that their relationship was really special. They laughed a lot when she came into the Oval Office," she said, via Daily Mail. The ups and downs of the couple's relationship have left people confused about what's really going on in their marriage, but as of Barron's graduation, it seems they're doing all right.