Barron Trump Embodies Melania's Most Controversial Trait On Graduation Stage

Barron Trump has been spotted channeling Donald Trump on more than one occasion, but it was his mother Melania Trump who he emulated during his high school graduation ceremony. It was one of the rare occasions when Donald and Melania stepped out in public together, and the pair actually looked somewhat affectionate in some photos — Melania was even photographed laughing. But during her tenure as first lady, the former model garnered a reputation for her stoic demeanor. She was often seen with her mouth set in a firm line, and when she wasn't hiding her eyes behind oversized sunglasses, there was no hint of a smize to be seen. 

While receiving his diploma from the Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, Barron exhibited a similar solemn expression. He didn't crack a smile as he walked across the stage and bid adieu to his high school career. "No emotion," one observer can be heard saying in a video of the milestone moment shared on X, formerly known as Twitter. Barron's father looked far happier watching the proceedings from the stands, perhaps because he got to take a break from scowling in the cold courtroom where his hush-money trial has been underway to attend the outdoor event.

While Barron is the spitting image of his father, some sources have said that not only does he possess his mother's ability to hide emotions behind a neutral expression but also her dignified disposition.

Donald Trump hinted at uncertainty about Barron Trump's future

Speaking to the Daily Mail about what Barron Trump is like behind closed doors, a Trump family insider said, "He's so regal. He's a little Melania." Barron also seems to follow his mother's lead; the outlet pointed out that the pair often skip out on the same political functions. Melania and Barron were even missing from a Mother's Day event at Mar-a-Lago. Melania's former chief-of-staff Stephanie Grisham offered some further insight into Barron's personality in an interview with the Daily Mail. "I cannot stress enough how kind and polite Barron is," she said.

No announcement has been made about where Barron will attend college or what he will study, but the week before he graduated, his dad seemed to reveal that their family had a hard time agreeing on which school would be the best fit for Barron. "A lot of these choices of colleges are changing because you see what's going on in the last month," Donald said during an interview with "Kayal and Company." This seemed to be a reference to the pro-Palestine protests in which many students have participated.

Trump added that Barron has shown an interest in politics and has even started trying to counsel the ex-president. However, according to one source, Melania does not want Barron to get embroiled in his father's business — and presumably political — dealings. "That's only going to happen over her dead body," the insider told Radar.