Kimberly Guilfoyle's Tasteless Cut-Out Dress At Veteran Event Is So Distracting

Kimberly Guilfoyle added another entry to her long list of inappropriate outfits when she attended an event for veterans. The former Fox News anchor uploaded a three-snap carousel to Instagram on May 23, 2024, from when she attended a fundraiser for Helping a Hero, a nonprofit organization that raises money for wounded veterans. "Every day, I'm more and more encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of Americans from all corners of [the] country who are stepping up when it matters most to help our veterans," she wrote in the caption. 

However, Guilfoyle's choice of attire stood out more than her words. She sported a bright red Rebecca Vallance dress with cutouts in the midsection, glittering hearts running up the middle, and along with large puffy sleeves. The flashy outfit was a distraction and seemed to undercut the seriousness of the cause for which the event was raising money. Even though the vibrant eye-catching piece did not suit the occasion, one Instagram follower pointed out that the dress was modest by Guilfoyle's standards. Several others praised the former "The Five" host's fashion sense. The replies were almost uniformly positive as Guilfoyle did limit the comments on the post.

The red dress was very similar to one Guilfoyle wore while posing for her son's prom a month earlier. That was a lilac-colored Rebecca Vallance dress that also seemed a poor choice for that occasion. However, both dresses were casual compared to the revealing one Guilfoyle sported to promote a children's book.

Kimberly Guilfoyle was roasted for this outfit

The week before Kimberly Guilfoyle rocked an ostentatious red dress to an event for veterans, she chose to wear a low-cut white dress while promoting her new children's book, which some believed she stole from Lara Trump's playbook. On May 16, Guilfoyle uploaded a photo to Instagram where she stood holding a copy of "The Princess and Her Pup." In the caption she described the book as "a wholesome and heartfelt story about the importance of friendship and the value of courage." Unfortunately, the dress she chose for the snap was anything but "wholesome," as several people on Instagram pointed out. "Put some clothes on," one user replied in the comments. 

That snap of Guilfoyle in the eye-catching white number was uploaded to X, formerly Twitter, where the TV host was roasted. "Nothing sells children's books like cleavage," one person chided. "Usually when selling a children's book you try not to scare them," another quipped.

Guilfoyle's dress was not the only object of derision when she announced her pup-centric kids' book as her announcement also had poor timing. Multiple Instagram users made crass comments about Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota. Noem was once a frontrunner to be Donald Trump's running mate for the 2024 election but received a ton of backlash in April 2024 for writing in her memoir about the time she killed a puppy while living on a farm. "Does this mean the puppy (dog emoji) does not end up in a gravel pit in South Dakota," one Instagram user commented on Guilfoyle's post.