Brittany Mahomes Outfits That Just Didn't Work

Brittany Mahomes' WAG wardrobe has featured some inappropriate outfits at times. But even when she's not flashing a lot of flesh or wearing jammies sent to her by one of Taylor Swift's mortal enemies, she has a real problem with picking out duds that are real, well, duds.

Brittany is well aware that she can't inhale without her haters piping up, and they came after her hard when she posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2024. She addressed their critical comments on her Instagram Story, writing, "I'm here to tell you, people will dislike you, people will love you. Don't let any of that define you. KEEP SHINING and being YOU" (via People). So, who is Brittany? Well, to Patrick Mahomes' undercover Swiftie teammate Harrison Butker, she's probably nothing more than "my teammate's wife." But she's also been deemed a trendsetter — Glamour once praised Mahomes for creating "the mob WAG aesthetic." 

However, the reigning queen of the Chiefs Kingdom revealed that she actually gets her fashion inspo from a former royal. Backstage at "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in January 2024, she was quizzed about what she was watching at the time, and it turns out that she was seeing a lot of Meghan Markle. "'Suits.' And it has completely inspired me to change my wardrobe," she said. But in so many of Brittany's outfits, the influence of the show's sophisticated, impeccably tailored ensembles is sorely lacking.

Her terrible twinning with Travis Kelce

When Brittany Mahomes attended a playoff match between the Dallas Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves, she caught some flak on Reddit for seemingly crashing a boys' night out — she sat courtside at the NBA game with Patrick Mahomes and two of his teammates, Travis Kelce and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. Brittany also accidentally twinned with Kelce by pairing a white top with denim.

Brittany sported a white vest, flared Delosantos jeans, and Converse sneakers. Her pants looked like a craft project an inspired middle schooler might take on after watching "Project Runway." Pieces of denim had been cut into petal shapes and sewn onto the jeans to create flowers, one of which was bizarrely blossoming right beside Brittany's crotch. The flowers also featured gold beading. "Has to wear something that draws attention to herself," read one Redditor's review of her out-of-bounds ensemble. Another wrote, "Brittany and Travis must shop at the same place. They love a pair of pants that has appliqués, cut-outs and stencils, it's so bad." 

Kelce's pants looked as if he'd gotten bored during the game and taken a razor to them — or perhaps a paring knife. His outfit also included a white T-shirt with an apple on it. Together, perhaps he and Brittany were supposed to represent the maturation of an apple blossom into a fruit.

She dressed like a pair of side dishes

In 2024, WWD reported that celebrities including Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski were making "butter" yellow fashion's next big color trend. But the year prior, Brittany Mahomes had served a look that seemed to be inspired by a different yellow foodstuff: an ear of corn.

While taking the GQ couple's quiz, Mahomes revealed that she once worked at Texas Roadhouse, so perhaps she was reminiscing about the restaurant when choosing her outfit for the October 2023 showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. She wore a Moncler miniskirt with a quilted design resembling corn kernels. Puffer fabric is usually used to create warm outerwear, so turning it into something so short kind of defeated its purpose. Underneath the skirt, she had on a white Naked Wardrobe bodysuit. When paired with the tasty-looking mini, it was totally giving mashed potatoes.

Mahomes' new bestie Taylor Swift joined her at the game, so the former soccer player undoubtedly tried to dress to impress — after all, it's difficult to avoid being outshone by a star of the "Corn-elia Street" singer's caliber. But Mahomes ventured into costume territory by completing her look with a pair of white go-go boots. The result was that she looked like she was ready to grab some ramen pom poms and start cheering for her favorite flavor at the Soup-er Bowl. (Go, Corn Chowder!)

Dior is out, dryer leavings are in

When Brittany Mahomes joined Patrick Mahomes at his teammate's Kelce Jam music festival in 2024, she rocked a mini dress that looked as if part of it had been jammed in the lint trap of a dryer before being strung around her body. Or did Brittany leave it at Taylor Swift's house, where the singer's cats gleefully shredded it to pieces?

The M-Bianca dress from Diesel was actually a patchwork of black jacquard fabric and denim, which had been distressed to create a stringy, draped mess. The thick layer of tangled strings made Mahomes' torso look boxy. She paired her bizarre dress with matching knee-high denim boots, and she made her outfit shabby chic by carrying a much tidier quilted Chanel bag. 

Some of the WAG's most vocal critics on the r/BrittanyMatthewsSnark subreddit found her ensemble quite confounding. "That is one ugly dress! Obviously, the shredded look is her new go to look. It shouldn't be. Reminds me of nylons when they ran," read one critique. "Does her dress have hair on it ?!" asked another incredulous commenter. Mahomes has come under fire before for selling her used clothes on Poshmark when she could donate them instead, but it's hard to imagine her making much of her money back by reselling that particular garment — she might be forced to be charitable by giving it away.

Looking ready for church at Churchill Downs

In 2023, Patrick Mahomes scored an invite to the 149th Kentucky Derby to give jockeys the "Riders up!" command. Brittany Mahomes joined him, and she probably could have used some stirrups to climb into her sky-high platform sandals. The Tom Ford footwear featured shiny pink ties, which she wore wound around her ankles multiple times.

While the shoes physically elevated Brittany, they didn't exactly elevate her look — her outfit was a blend of purples and pinks that brought to mind Easter eggs. The pearl straps on her tweed Chanel mini dress and her wide-brimmed pink hat festooned with white fabric flowers also helped make her outfit read "festive granny going to Easter service." She also carried a handbag that matched her lilac dress. Patrick coordinated his outfit with that of his wife by also sticking with a pastel color palette, including a lavender dress shirt, green-and-blue plaid jacket, and cornflower blue pants. Together, the pair created an explosion of springtime colors, like a garden in bloom. Unfortunately, they needed a little pruning — their matching ensembles were just a tad too over-the-top. 

One Reddit comment about Brittany's look read, "I have never seen a wealthy woman with so little style. ... The dress doesn't fit and her heels are a terrible choice." Another critic agreed, writing, "She looks like 2 different people. ... Those shoes belong on the pole. Not with that dress."

She gave off Cruella de Vil vibes in a custom look

In 2023, Brittany Mahomes looked like she was ready to raid a Dalmatian plantation when the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. But she was not channeling the devastatingly fashionable Cruella de Vil portrayed by Emma Stone.

Brittany wore a Ronny Kobo trench coat that de Vil would find appealing due to its black-and-white color scheme. But what the Disney villainess would be disappointed to learn was that it was made out of faux leather. It was also color-blocked rather than covered with spots.

Mahomes' coat was customized by BroDenim with two patches affixed to the lapels like scarlet letters — except they were the numerals "1" and "5," and Mahomes was identifying herself not as an adulteress but as her hubby's No. 1 fan. (Patrick Mahomes also sports a 15 on his Kansas City Chiefs jersey.) "It's like Cruella [de Vil] found the iron on section at a craft store," snarked one Redditor. 

Interestingly, Brittany dressed up like de Vil for Halloween in 2021, so perhaps she was subconsciously taking style notes from the fur fanatic when she picked out her ostentatious outerwear. If her style doesn't scare you, then no evil thing will; to see it is to take a sudden chill. Brittany, Brittany de Vil.