Back-And-Forth Rumors About Kate Middleton Prove How Messy Her PR Team Is

Is Kate Middleton making a public return? Will she continue to keep away from her royal duties? These are constant questions surrounding the Princess of Wales' comeback to the spotlight, and her PR team isn't making any of the answers clear. After revealing her cancer diagnosis, Kate's squad has gone back and forth, telling the public different things about when she could potentially return to the public eye.

Just weeks ago, hope for Kate's return to the spotlight hit an all-time low after the royal's team gave a dodgy update about her comeback. Her rep subtly rewrote her future plans, telling the Daily Mail, "But we have been really clear that she needs the space and the privacy to recover right now. She will return to work when she has had the green light from doctors." It seemed like Kate's public engagements were put on hold, especially because another royal source shared with The Daily Beast that she had nothing in her calendar for the upcoming year. But now, there is a different side to the story.

Be sure to tune in to the Trooping the Colour if you're a royal fanatic, because an insider revealed to the Independent that Kate is "considering" making a surprise appearance. It's said that she may join the royal family as they grace the balcony at Buckingham Palace, where they usually wave to the crowd. This would mark the first public appearance in months for Kate, as she has continued to hide in the shadows. 

Kate Middleton's balcony appearance will be it for Trooping the Colour

With the back-and-forth that Kate Middleton's team has shared about her return to her royal duties following her cancer diagnosis, it wouldn't be surprising if she didn't show up for the rumored balcony appearance. But if she does, that might be all she partakes in when it comes to the Trooping the Colour event.

Typically, before the ceremony, Kate would take on her duty of Inspecting Officer in the Colonel's Review, but that won't happen this time. Kensington Palace revealed (via People) that Kate's duties when it comes to the review will instead be given to Lieutenant General James Bucknall. They shared that they will confirm which of the royal family members will be participating in the Trooping the Colour event as it nears the date, which is set for June 15.

Despite all the conflicting information about Kate's return, the good news is that Prince William gave a promising update about her health in early May. An administrator at a hospital William visited shared with reporters (via BBC), "I asked William about his wife Kate and he said: 'She's doing well, thanks.'" Fans of Kate and the royal family are hoping she's doing well enough to at least make the surprise balcony appearance, but they will just have to wait until the day of the Trooping the Colour ceremony.