Prince William's Update On Kate Middleton Clashes Against Her Rumored Exit From Royal Life

William, Prince of Wales, has provided a small update on his wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, as she undergoes chemotherapy treatment following a cancer diagnosis. The Duke of Wales was attending an event in Portsmouth on June 5, 2024, when he said that the Princess of Wales was "getting better" and that "she'd have loved to be here today," according to People. The future king's comments seem to completely contradict what has been reported about Kate, particularly the rumors that she won't be returning to her royal duties anytime soon — or maybe ever.

Just one day prior to William's comments, Us Weekly quoted a source that claimed that Kate had been "reevaluating what she's going to be able to take on when she comes back" and that "she may never come back in the role that people saw her in before." Kate shared her diagnosis with the world in a candid video posted on Instagram back in March. She did not share any specifics about what type of cancer she has, but she assured the world that she'd be getting back to work as soon as possible. The palace has also been rather tight-lipped when it comes to Kate's diagnosis, keeping any and all updates rather surface-level. Meanwhile, William appears to be offering more a more positive — yet still private — outlook on his wife's health and insists she's getting better every day.

Prince William maintains his wife is 'doing well'

During a visit to St. Mary's Community Hospital on the Isles of Scilly back in May 2024, William, Prince of Wales, was asked about Catherine, Princess of Wales', health. Without much hesitation, Prince William appeared to give a canned response. She's "doing well," he said, according to Time. When he was asked about the couple's three young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, William took an opportunity to make a joke. "The children are very jealous that I am here... Maybe we might come later in the year," he said.

One month prior, Prince William visited St Michael's Church of England High School and made similar comments. "I am sorry Catherine can't be here as well. She would have loved to," the Duke of Wales said, according to the Daily Mail. But Kate's absence from the public eye since sharing her health news in March hasn't gone unnoticed and it has caused concerns among royal watchers all over the globe. A source previously told the Daily Beast that Kate could be out of action until 2025. With more and more canceled appearances, such as her previously planned attendance at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in June, many people are becoming more and more worried about the Princess of Wales, regardless of what Prince William has been saying.