Lone Shot Of Prince William Without Kate Middleton At Royal Wedding Paints Heartbreaking Picture

William, Prince of Wales, has been flying solo amid his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales' cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatment. William made for a sad and solitary figure on June 7, when he attended the royal wedding of Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster, and Olivia Henson at Chester Cathedral.

William was an usher at his close friend's wedding, which was dubbed one of the hottest events on Britain's high society calendar. This is mainly due to Grosvenor's insane wealth as one of the country's largest landowners. Well-wishers crowded the streets to cheer on the happy couple. Still, despite the festivities, William appeared somber and glum without Kate by his side.

It seems William may have to adjust to attending more events alone after an insider made a bleak claim about Kate's royal future after her cancer treatment. A source told Us Weekly on June 4 that the princess is "reevaluating what she's going to be able to take on when she comes back" and that "she may never come back in the role that people saw her in before." Still, a day later, William gave an update on Kate's health that contradicted her rumored exit from royal life.

William is confident in Kate's full recovery

A lone shot of William, Prince of Wales, without Catherine, Princess of Wales, at Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster's wedding to Olivia Henson painted a heartbreaking picture. However, William still carries Kate in his heart wherever he goes, and he's confident she's on the road to recovery. "I was going to ask you, is your wife getting any better?" a concerned veteran asked William during a D-Day memorial event on June 5. "Yes, she's getting better, yeah," he replied. "She would've loved to be here today."

William also shared stories about how Kate's grandmother, Valerie Middleton, and her twin sister, Mary, played an integral part in the war effort. He told a woman who had served as a codebreaker at Bletchley that Valerie and Mary had done the same job, deciphering the German Enigma machine that ultimately helped Britain and its allies win World War II. "My wife's grandmother did the same sort of thing as you. Catherine only found out at the end of her life," he revealed, according to LBC.

Meanwhile, according to sources, Kate is focused on her recovery and has "turned a corner." "It has been a great relief that she is tolerating the medication and is actually doing a lot better," a friend told Vanity Fair. "It has, of course, been a very challenging and worrying time. Everyone has rallied around her — William, her parents, and her sister and brother."