Alina Habba's Look Changed Drastically After Becoming Trump's Lawyer

People tend to change after entering Donald Trump's orbit. One such example is Donald's attorney, Alina Habba. She hasn't changed ideologically or behaviorally; hers is more of a physical metamorphosis, and Habba's transformation is pretty staggering.

The ex-fashion exec has always been bombastic and controversial — she was sued by a former employee who accused Habba of being a racist and a bully. They claimed she regularly dropped a racial slur while rapping in the office and apparently called her nemesis Letitia James "that Black b***h." The lawsuit was settled quietly out of court. "We reached a resolution, but I cannot comment on the details," the aggrieved employees's attorney, Jacqueline L. Tillmann, told the Daily Beast in September 2022.

Habba has upped the glamor factor since joining Trump's team in September 2021. Her clothes and handbags have always been designer-labeled. Still, her mousy brown shoulder-length hair has become glossy and long, with tasteful golden highlights and a great blow-out. Habba's makeup has also become more professional and flattering. Her transformation hasn't gone unnoticed. X, formerly Twitter, has been roasting Habba as a Melania Trump wannabee. "Is it just me, or does Alina Habba look exactly like a younger Melania ... She even has the same terrible judgment and questionable ethics. Ok .. there are differences. She can string a sentence together, for one," a commenter wrote. "Can someone please tell why the so-called Attorney Alina Habba makes sure she looks like Melania Trump every day? Is she hoping that she'll replace Melania," another asked.

Habba insists Trump hired her for brains not beauty

Since becoming Donald Trump's lawyer, Alina Habba has faced accusations of undergoing cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures in a supposed bid to look more like some of her boss' family members. "Alina Habba before her plastic transformation to look like a mixture of Ivanka and Melania," one commenter posted on X in November 2023, with a screenshot from an old interview Habba gave to Spicer & Co.

"So does anybody think that Alina Habba is having plastic surgery done to make herself look like Melania Drumph? I think she's looking to be wife number four once Melania leaves Drumph," another posted. 

Habba knows that her looks have helped her progress through life and her career but claims being beautiful is a "double-edged sword" that she's had to endure. However, she insisted that she'd always put beauty before brains because you can always "fake being smart." Still, she insists she was hired by the former president on merit alone. "It doesn't hurt to be good-looking in this world, in the PR world, on TV. And when you're good-looking, that's great, but it can also mean people think you're stupid," Habba told the PBD podcast in a clip posted to X, by Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief of Meidas Touch. "Or people think President Trump hired me because I was good-looking. That is absolutely not the case."

Habba's looks seem to be helping her more than her smarts

Alina Habba admitted she values looks above smarts, but some would argue that Habba hasn't been doing a stellar job at the latter. Stephen Colbert roasted the attorney on "The Late Show" in January 2024. "Habba is, to use a bit of legalese, a bad lawyer," Colbert said before playing the faking smarts clip. "Counterpoint, no, you can't," he quipped.

If Donald Trump hired Habba for her litigation abilities, she hasn't exactly met expectations. Habba has lost three cases she represented: a lawsuit against Donald's niece, Mary Trump, and two New York Times journalists over his taxes, a civil fraud case against Donald for inflating the worth of his real estate properties, and a sexual abuse case against advice columnist E. Jean Carroll.

Habba announced in April 2024 that she would be acting as Donald's "legal advisor," leading some to question if she'd been fired from his team. However, Habba insists it's a strategic move so she can keep the public informed on what's really happening instead of what they hear in the mainstream media. "I plan, for the next six weeks, to truly just be spitting the truth and giving people facts they may not be hearing while he's in court," Habba told "The Benny Show" (via The Independent). "The great news is, then I can do this and let everybody know what's actually happening," she continued.