Brittany Mahomes' Most Tasteless Game Day Outfits To Date

Fans have gone after Brittany Mahomes for wearing inappropriate outfits, and her style has been a point of contention with social media users both at events and on Kansas City Chiefs game days. In December 2023, she drew the ire of Instagram users when she uploaded snaps of her posing on the sidelines before a game. The former pro soccer player sported a conservative look with a black top and matching black mini-skirt, and knee-high boots. She also had on a three quarter-length white coat that had "Mahomes" embroidered on the back. Multiple Chiefs fans took shots online. "You do realize that you're at a football game right?" one asked. "You just got voted 'most disliked wife,'" another added. A couple days later, Mahomes fired back on her Instagram Stories. "Recently there has been ALOT more rude a** people on here ... go back to where you came from," she wrote (via Us Weekly).

Even though she has received a fair amount of criticism for her wardrobe choices, Mahomes has not shied away from taking sartorial risks, and sometimes that has resulted in tasteless outfits. In January 2022, she chose a black and white look that was fairly neutral, but decided to wear an ostentatious bright-red Louis Vuitton jacket. Perhaps flaunting a giant designer coat was not the most tactful choice for the wife of the team's franchise player, Patrick Mahomes. "SPOILED AND WORKING IT!!!!" one Instagram user commented.

In the following seasons, Mahomes took even more stylistic chances, especially when she started hanging out with Taylor Swift. 

Copying Taylor Swift's curls

When Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift's friendship was still new, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes drew attention for her outfit and hairstyle at a game in October 2023. Brittany rocked a white bodysuit from Naked Wardrobe that only cost $64 with matching knee-high leather boots. For Chiefs coloring, she wore a yellow quilted miniskirt from Moncler.

The outfit was one of Brittany's more subdued game day looks, but her Swift-inspired curls were what many fans noticed. "Girl needs a stylist and a haircut," an Instagram user commented on Brittany's three-photo carousel where she showed off the attire. The pop star joined her new pal in a suite to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce play. Swift's look was far more casual as she wore her hair up and donned a red and black Chiefs jacket. At one point in the game, Brittany and Swift embraced after a big play. A friendship had spawned, but many were wary that Brittany was forcing the issue.

Not only was Brittany influenced by Swift's trademark curls, but she even styled herself after the "Cruel Summer" artist. While in Mexico with friends for a bachelorette party in February, the influencer wore a bejeweled minidress, per ET. What made it notable was that Swift had worn a gown version of the dress on the cover of Time's Person of the Year issue a couple months earlier. As the Chiefs season continued, Brittany kept pushing the fashion envelope while taking cues from Swift.

The mob wife look

When the Kansas City Chiefs played in the AFC Championship Game in late January, Brittany Mahomes pulled out a custom black-and-white trench coat. The full-length coat had patches of black and white, and was customized with her husband's jersey number "15" stitched on the lapels in red. Plus, it had "Mahomes" printed vertically down the back side. She completed the look with a matching red purse. As pointed out by Glamour, the coat gave a "mob wife aesthetic" that was trending on TikTok. Afterwards, the same jacket, with the Chiefs labelling, was made available to purchase for fans.

Mahomes uploaded a six-photo Instagram carousel of herself in the trenchcoat alongside her hubby after his team punched their ticket to the Super Bowl. The couple posed together, embraced, and even shared a kiss in one of the photos. A day later, the former fitness influencer wanted to give her outfit more shine and she uploaded another six-photo Instagram post. The first three pics of that post focused on Mahomes in the trenchcoat as she posed on the sidelines smiling for the camera as the game was played in the background. Mahomes also turned around to give a full view of the intentionally-gaudy mob coat.

Perhaps Mahomes was more interested in having her photo taken than taking in the game, but that behavior went over better than how she acted during the Chiefs playoff a couple years earlier.

An all-yellow champagne shower

An outfit that gave Brittany Mahomes haters a ton of fuel was this all-yellow ensemble she put together in January 2022 for a Kansas City Chiefs playoff game against the Buffalo Bills. Mahomes rocked a mustard-colored turtleneck with canary-colored pants, and a full-length yellow coat. She completed the look with a gold chain and white pointed-toe heels. The influencer put her outfit on display in a five-photo Instagram upload that showed her posing on the sideline in the attention-grabbing outfit that displayed various shades of yellow. While her outfit received a fair bit of critiques, it was her next post that caused a cavalcade of backlash.

After the Chiefs won the playoff game against their conference rivals, Mahomes uploaded an Instagram video of her celebrating by spraying champagne. The issue was that she sprayed the bottle from her box suite onto the crowd below. For once, Mahomes' garish clothes were not the center of attention. "How many kids did you drench with booze," one Instagram user replied. "I despise the Chief's because of her," another added.

The blowback was so intense that it pushed Mahomes to raise money for the anti-bullying foundation, Red Card KC. In a misbegotten gesture, she had "Team Brittany" shirts made for sale with proceeds going to the foundation, as she explained in an Instagram video at the time, per People. Despite the well-intentioned gesture, that was not the last time Mahomes was attacked online.

The all-red Russian look

The Kansas City Chiefs squared off against the Buffalo Bills in yet another playoff game in January. That game was held at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo so Brittany Mahomes dressed warm for the occasion. She wore a red puffer jacket which of course had been customized with WAG-flavoring with her husband's number "15" jersey number stitched on the front in black. Mahomes rocked matching red leather pants, and those had matching black stitching with "Mahomes" down the one pant leg. Her ensemble was completed with a giant black furry hat, and a gold Chanel purse which she showed off on her Instagram Stories, per People

The Chiefs may have walked away with the victory, but it was the Mahomes haters who had the last laugh. As usual, Mahomes put the 'fit on display in an Instagram upload. The four-photo carousel captured Mahomes in her usual spot on the sideline. She was draped in Chiefs colors, but many fans did not appreciate the gesture. "Talk about a red flag," one wrote about the red outfit. The fuzzy black hat may have been practical for the frigid temperatures but it also brought on plenty of hate. "Ugh, is the game being played in Russia?" one Instagram user replied.

Over the years, Mahomes took more risks in her wardrobe choices, and her style had evolved over time.

Brittany Mahomes' early game day outfit

Before she became a recognizable fixture at the Kansas City Chiefs games, Brittany Mahomes still captured her game day looks for Instagram, but her style was yet to fully mature. While attending a game in November 2020, Mahomes sported a cropped white t-shirt with the number "15" across the front. She rocked a pair of camo pants with high top shoes. The former soccer player had her hair in light curls, and played with her hair as she posed for the camera from her box suite. Mahomes posted two photos showcasing her outfit to Instagram, and many users voiced their displeasure with her clothing selection. "No offense but you dress like a 3 year old picked out your clothes for you," one person commented.

The casualness of Mahomes's look could have been due to her expecting, as she and her then-fiance, Patrick Mahomes, had just announced they were having their first child. The Chiefs star made the news public on Instagram in September 2020 with a post alongside Brittany. The couple posed together and held a picture of a sonogram to announce the pregnancy.

Becoming a mother, and marrying Patrick, only emboldened Brittany as her game day outfits became more and more flamboyant.