Kimberly Guilfoyle's Skimpy Outfit At Nonprofit Event Gets Called Out By Fans

Kimberly Guilfoyle has caused another stir by choosing to wear a skimpy outfit to a serious event. Only a week after Guilfoyle sported an inappropriately short mini dress when meeting El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele, she drew backlash from fans for rocking a revealing dress at a nonprofit event. The former Fox News anchor uploaded a four-photo Instagram carousel on June 9 from attending a fundraiser for the Tigger Stavola Foundation, which helps raise money for people suffering from addiction and help with drug use prevention. Guilfoyle was tapped as a celebrity speaker for the fundraiser which was dubbed Spring Fling: a Fashionable Fundraiser. It was her outfit that made the most buzz, as many did not believe it was very fashionable. She wore a pink mini dress from Rebecca Vallance. The dress was cropped down the front in a pattern with diamante trim that gave fans an eyeful of her skin. She completed the look with silver heels, but it was the revealing dress that garnered all the attention.

Instagram users flooded the replies with snarky comments about the outfit that seemed inappropriate for the nonprofit event, some of which were deleted. "Cover that s*** up," a fan demanded. One user suggested that Guilfoyle invest in a stylist, but she had tagged celebrity stylist Giana Martino in the post.

Only a few weeks before that fashion blunder, Guilfoyle wore a similarly tasteless cut-out dress during an event for veterans.

Kimberly Guilfoyle gets roasted for fashion blunders

On May 23, Kimberly Guilfoyle uploaded Instagram photos from her night at the Helping A Hero event, a nonprofit that raises money for wounded veterans. The former "The Five" host sported another Rebecca Vallance minidress that drew attention and distracted from the seriousness of the cause. Guilfoyle wore a bright red minidress that had diamante hearts down the middle of her chest, and a cutout that showed off her midsection. She uploaded three snaps to Instagram from the fundraiser and posed alongside celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Raising money for a noble cause while rubbing elbows with celebrities was not the focus of the comments on the post, as many fans mentioned her garish attire. "Thrift shop. Costume stores," one Instagram user stated. "Where do these people get their clothes," a fan asked. "Kim's wardrobe [is] horrible that's why," another replied.

Guilfoyle's inappropriate looks were not limited to charity events. In April, Guilfoyle wore a tasteless outfit for her son's prom. She posed for photos with the teen on his big day and once again sported a piece from Rebecca Vallance. This one was called the Juliana puff sleeve mini dress, and it was cut out down the middle of the chest with three diamante bows that led to an exposed area of her stomach.  As usual, fans did not hold back their thoughts on the lilac-colored look. "I love Kim but the playboy look needs to be saved for date nights," an Instagram user wrote.