Olivia Dunne's Flirty Collab With Travis Kelce May Have Started War With Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce may call Taylor Swift his "significant other" but that has not stopped fans from wondering about their relationship status. Swifties were thrown into a tizzy when Olivia Dunne uploaded a clip with Kelce to TikTok and Instagram to promote Accelerator Active Energy drinks. Using audio from "I Think You Should Leave" Kelce mouthed, "I feel like you're just here for the zipline." As a nod to the tight end's pop star girlfriend, Dunne added the text "I feel like you're just here for concert tickets," and even dropped "#taylorswift" in the caption which brought out all the singer's fans.

Swifties became defensive on behalf of the "Cruel Summer" artist. "Taylor is stronger than me, if this was my man, the song would be out tomorrow," one wrote on Instagram. "I thought taylor swift said no photos with other women????" another added. Meanwhile, several fans pointed out that the NFL star and gymnast both do not follow Swift on Instagram.

The video came about because Kelce is an investor in Accelerator, and Dunne is a brand ambassador. A few days earlier, the Kansas City Chiefs player heaped praise on Dunne. "I got Livvy Dunne in the building, LSU gymnast, absolutely just an awesome person," he said on "Good Morning America" on June 6, while discussing the brand. Even though it was a brand collab, multiple fans believed that not only would Swift be jealous but so would Dunne's boyfriend, MLB pitcher Paul Skenes.

Olivia Dunne has supported her boyfriend

When Olivia Dunne posted her video with Travis Kelce, multiple fans joked that she had discarded Paul Skenes. That wild speculation came even though she had shown a ton of support for her boyfriend just a month earlier. The gymnast-influencer does not post a lot of content with Skenes, but uploaded an adorable TikTok on May 8 when they found out he would be making his debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates. "POV: you both wake up from a nap and find out he's in the MLB," Dunne wrote in text as she danced in the video with Skenes barely visible in the background.

Dunne was at the game when Skenes hit the mound a few days later on May 11. She spoke to MLB reporters in an interview that was posted to the league's official TikTok account. "I always say, it's way harder to be the person in the stands watching because I'm not in control," she said. A day later, Dunne gushed over Skenes' debut by updating a rare Instagram post featuring her beau. "Way to go Bucco," she wrote in the caption alongside a yellow heart. Dunne's post featured three snaps of the couple embracing on the sideline after the pitcher's game.

Previously, Dunne had spoken about how fame had affected her relationship with Skenes. "I've definitely learned over the past few years that, this past year mostly, that keeping certain things private is okay," Dunne told People in November 2023 while referring to her relationship.