Brittany Mahomes' Latest Matchy-Matchy Date Night Outfits With Patrick Are So Telling

Brittany Mahomes may always make headlines for her looks, but she's not exactly what you'd call a fashion icon. The famous WAG almost always gives her haters fuel with her choice of inappropriate clothing, from the tasteless outfit that she wore to the NBA playoffs that screamed high school to the tacky ensemble she decided to don at the Miami Grand Prix. Sometimes, though, she tones it down and matches outfits with her husband, Patrick Mahomes, but their latest twinning attempts are something else.

In June 2024, Brittany posted a series of photos on the gram to celebrate the weekend that was. She and Patrick paraded in matching outfits multiple times, from being clad in color-coordinated casual shirts during a day out with their kids to sporting matching jerseys that looked like a desperate bid to relive their high school glory days to even wearing color-coordinated ensembles at a country concert. "Weekend full of sports & dubs & throw a country concert in there," Brittany wrote in the caption.

Look, matching outfits with your spouse can be cute, but did they have to do it every single time? It's hard not to think they're doing it on purpose at this point!

Is Brittany forcing Patrick to wear coordinated outfits?

Like wife, like husband. Just like how Brittany Mahomes often takes heat for her questionable fashion choices, Patrick Mahomes isn't invisible to fashion critics either. While his teammates like Travis Kelce seem to effortlessly nail the style game, Patrick's wardrobe choices often fall flat, with the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback choosing to don ill-fitting duds. With that, fans can't help but chide him for having a dad bod, but he has the perfect excuse for that. "I guess people still haven't realized that I don't have abs," he quipped in a "The Pat McAfee Show" appearance. "So I'll continue to work on that, and hopefully one of these days we can figure out how to do the looser t-shirt."

Brittany hasn't explicitly said it, but it's also pretty clear that she has a strong influence on what Patrick wears. The matchy-matchy outfits over the weekend? Definitely her doing. She even hinted at her role as Patrick's stylist when she commented on a video from a Chiefs' photoshoot, where Patrick joked about pairing his suit and tie with Crocs. "I definitely put shoes in there....come onnnnn," she wrote

To be fair, with Patrick's penchant for squeezing himself into skinny jeans that look like they're cutting off his circulation and outfits that look more teenager than superstar athlete, maybe letting Brittany take the reins isn't the worst idea — despite the cringe-worthy, overly coordinated results.