Psychologist Tells Us Donald & Barron Trump's 60-Year Age Difference Puts Strain On Their Bond

Donald Trump might be clueless about what's going on in his son Barron's life, including his age and college plans, but the public sure isn't. As the former president turns 78 on June 14, 2024, one has to wonder if he's even capable of keeping up with Barron, who's more than half a century younger. According to a psychologist, Trump's advancing age might just be the reason for their drifting apart — assuming they were ever close in the first place.

Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a New York-based neuropsychologist and director of Comprehend the Mind, broke down the myriad issues the father and son duo might face thanks to their significant generational gap in an exclusive interview with Nicki Swift. Besides the obvious communication breakdowns, they may face struggle in spending quality time together and dealing with their wildly different philosophies on everything, including politics. To top it off, Trump might be piling on the pressure for Barron to sustain the Trump legacy. "Expectations within the family can also create tension, with the father expecting the son to uphold family traditions or values, and the son feeling pressure to meet these expectations," she said.

As if that wasn't enough, their emotional connection — or lack thereof —could also be a potential problem. "Emotional distance may emerge if either struggles to express vulnerability or if unresolved conflicts strain their relationship," Rafeez noted, adding that Barron might also find it incredibly tough to deal with the emotional challenge of eventually losing his father.

Barron may have a difficult time accepting his dad is getting older

Based on what we know about Donald Trump's relationship with Barron, it appears they're not as close as Donald likes to portray. Still, it won't be easy for Barron to watch his dad grow older. Dr. Sanam Hafeez told Nicki Swift that the youngest Trump might end up worrying more about Donald as time goes by.

"It could potentially be challenging for Barron Trump to see his father nearing his eighties, as this phase of life often brings various emotional and practical considerations. Witnessing a parent age can evoke feelings of concern, especially if there are health issues or changes in physical capabilities," she explained. "Barron might experience stress or worry about his father's well-being and may need to adjust to a role where he may provide more support or caregiving."

As Donald shuffles into his golden years, there may be fewer chances for them to bond as well. Making new memories will be even harder, given Donald's likely limitations. That's because his physical abillities are likely to decline over time. "There could be differences in energy levels and activities that Barron and his father can engage in together," Rafeez noted. "Donald Trump, as he ages, might have different preferences and limitations regarding lifestyle and social interactions, which could affect their relationship dynamics and shared experiences."

Donald may find it increasingly difficult to raise Barron

Not that Barron still needs much raising, considering he just celebrated his 18th birthday, but if Donald Trump is still trying to actively parent, it's going to be even more challenging now that he's pushing 80. His health may slow him down, but according to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, he could compensate by ensuring Barron's financial future is rock solid. "Donald Trump might worry about his own health and longevity, especially as he navigates older age," she said. "Ensuring financial stability and security for Barron's future could be a priority. Donald Trump might consider estate planning, investments, and provisions for Barron's education and well-being, particularly as he moves into retirement years."

What's more, what Donald lacks in physical stamina, he could make up for with some good old-fashioned advice, noted Hafeez. "Donald Trump might want to impart values, life lessons, and prepare Barron for adulthood, despite the generational gap and differences in life experiences," she continued, adding that Donald might also want to use this time to bring Barron closer to his older siblings.

At the end of the day, Barron is still in his prime, and if Donald wants to be an effective father, he needs to step up as Barron's moral compass. "Donald Trump may want to provide emotional support and maintain a strong connection with him," said Hafeez. "This involves being available for discussions, offering guidance, and fostering a supportive relationship despite potential age-related differences." Age may be catching up, but there's still time to be for Donald who does more than just sign checks.