Celebs Who Can't Stand Andrew Tate

Unless your name is Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, or Alex Jones, pledging allegiance to toxic influencer Andrew Tate would be considered career suicide in the celebrity world. So it's little wonder that a whole host of famous people have made it crystal clear that they find his views on everything from mental health ("Losers love to talk about feelings"), women ("Why would you be with a woman who's not a virgin anyway? She is used goods. Second hand"), and masculinity ("If my son is a nerd, one of us has to die, him or me and I'll challenge him to mortal combat") entirely abhorrent.

The influencer — currently facing several serious ongoing civil and criminal charges including rape and human trafficking — has gone out of his way to offend since rising to infamy in the early 2020s, when he began offering a series of laughably hyper-macho online courses. From YouTubers-turned-boxers and failed talk show hosts to political commentators and subversive animators, here's a look at a dozen stars, from both the liberal and conservative ends of the spectrum, who have publicly expressed their disdain for the self-proclaimed misogynist.

KSI claimed he would destroy Andrew Tate

There's certainly no love lost between Andrew Tate and YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI. The pair have been engaged in a war of words since 2022, when the latter expressed his relief about the former's banning from X (formerly known as Twitter) over problematic remarks about women. 

In a 2023 interview with BBC Newsbeat, KSI described the misogynist as "cringey" in a discussion about the younger generation's adulation of social media influencers. Referring to one of Tate's self-proclaimed nicknames, he said, "I don't want people to worship me. I don't want this Top G title ... Try and be fair to everyone, try and just be good to everyone. Spread positivity all the time. And yeah, you know, we're all human. We're all gonna make mistakes. No one is perfect."

Things threatened to get physical just a few months later when KSI saw footage of Tate in training for a proposed switch from kickboxing to boxing. There was talk at the time of the warring pair settling their disputes in the ring, but KSI, born Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, appeared to believe that this would be a completely one-sided affair. "From watching this, I would absolutely DESTROY Andrew Tate," he said on X. Perhaps luckily for the "king of toxic masculinity," the bout never came to fruition.

Logan Paul wanted to turn Andrew Tate's face inside out

In November 2022, Logan Paul reneged on previous plans to entirely ignore Andrew Tate by proposing an MMA bout with the misogynist. While speaking on "TimboSugarShow," Paul explained that his change of heart came about after hearing Tate "talking a lot of s***." He added, "And maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him, just for one night, and turn his f***ing face inside out. Have him wheeled home on a gurney with his brother holding his hand in an ambulance type s**t. The thought of that is kinda compelling ... I like the idea of f***ing up Andrew Tate."

Shortly after, Paul described Tate as, among other things, a hypocrite on his podcast "Impaulsive." "I promise you will not hear him saying any of the outlandish s*** he was saying in the past," the co-host said about his new nemesis' return to X. "He's scared and doesn't wanna be re-banned," he added, referring to the suspension Tate received for controversial remarks about sexual assault victims. 

Then in December 2023, Paul put his money where his mouth was on another "Impaulsive" episode by offering Tate $20 million for an MMA match that would also include their respective brothers, Jake Paul and Tristan Tate. "We talk a lot, we say a lot of stuff ... we also do a lot and back up a lot of the s*** we say, or at least give it our best efforts. The other guys, they just talk a lot."

Donald Cerrone described Andrew Tate as a wannabe fighter

Andrew Tate made another physically imposing enemy in July 2023 when he responded to UFC icon Donald Cerrone's claims that Tate's fighting skills weren't up to scratch. The misogynist didn't take too kindly to hearing such criticism, and invited the UFC icon to his house to repeat his words face-to-face, also bringing up Cerrone's defeat by Conor McGregor in the process.

It seemed as though Tate's new nemesis was up for some good old-fashioned fisticuffs. "I'll knock the s*** out of you," Cerrone remarked (via Mirror). "I'm a real fighter, you're a fake bull**** wannabe fighter who made up a bunch of world championship belts that you bought off eBay. Can you fight? Nah man, you're a bum. Tell you what, you wanna get your social media clout involved, I'll fight you on that son of a b***h."

Cerrone was less interested, however, in paying a visit to Tate, who couldn't leave his Romanian home after being charged on various serious criminal offenses, adding, "You don't want to see me on the streets. When you get out of house arrest or whatever the hell they've got you on right now, let me know and we can figure it out. Until then, shut the f*** up and keep my name out of your mouth."

Piers Morgan referred to Andrew Tate as an ill-informed imbecile

You might think that Piers Morgan and Andrew Tate would get on pretty well. After all, the disgraced newspaper editor has spent the last few years engaging in incel-like behavior toward a woman who's no doubt barely given him a second thought (see: his many comments about and toward Meghan Markle). But although he's regularly invited the misogynist onto his various flop chat shows, Morgan's motive appears to be clickbait rather than an expression of admiration.

In fact, Morgan has repeatedly called out Tate for his toxic behavior, such as Tate's ageist and sexist comments made about Morgan's friend Amanda Holden's 'thirst traps,' his championing of Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones, or his general misogynistic attitudes.

And in 2023, the Meghan Markle obsessive took aim at Tate's views on immunization after falling ill with COVID-19. After Tate posted a sarcastic get-well-soon message on X, Morgan responded, "Thanks for your concern, Andrew. Ironically, if I'd had another covid booster, I wouldn't have caught the damn thing again and wouldn't be feeling so rough. That'll teach me for listening to ill-informed anti-vaxx imbeciles on the internet ... !"

Jordan Peterson described Andrew Tate's behavior as reprehensible

One of the very few impressive qualities about Andrew Tate is his uncanny ability to unite individuals on both ends of the political, and some would say moral, spectrum. Indeed, you don't have to be a 'woke' left-winger to take umbrage with the misogynist, as proven by controversial conservative author Jordan Peterson.

While being interviewed on Piers Morgan's TalkTV show, the Canadian tried to distance himself from Tate after California governor Gavin Newsom, in a talk about today's worrying role models, tarred them both with the same brush. He said (via Newsweek), "I mean, I'm not particularly happy to be grouped with Andrew Tate because I think that there's some elements about what he does that are quite reprehensible, but that we could certainly talk about that."

And the psychologist did talk about that with his daughter Mikhaila Peterson in a YouTube video that also took aim at Tate's followers. Labelling Tate a 'monster,' he said: "If you're naive, and timid, anxious, intimidated, useless, and resentful, there's going to be a bit of a monster that needs to call to you to say, you know, gird up your loins and get the hell out there in the world. So it's better to be a monster than a rabbit in some ways, right? Or at least there's some utility in the more monstrous, predatory path that isn't in the pathetic rabbit path." 

Greta Thunberg told Andrew Tate to get a life

It's rather fitting that out of all the famous figures who've tried to put anti-woke misogynist Andrew Tate in his rightful place, by far the most effective has been a teenage girl whose brand is very much the opposite of making the world a dumpster fire.

At the end of 2022, Tate tried to rile up environmental activist Greta Thunberg, then aged just 19, by boasting about his collection of gas-guzzling vehicles on X. Addressing her directly, he tweeted, "Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions." Of course, this set Thunberg up for the mother of all comebacks: "Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalldickenergy@getalife.com."

As you'd expect, Tate didn't take this lying down, posting a video in which he told someone off-camera to bring him pizza in un-recycled boxes. But in another unintentionally hilarious self-own, the name of the pizza chain seen in the clip was rumored to have alerted Romanian authorities to his whereabouts: the former kickboxer and his brother, Tristan Tate, were wanted men at the time thanks to various criminal charges being investigated, including human trafficking. Having the last laugh, Thunberg responded to the pair's home being raided: "This is what happens when you don't recycle your pizza boxes."

Josh Hawley dubbed Andrew Tate the 'king of toxic masculinity'

Josh Hawley might not be the most obvious candidate to deliver a manifesto for modern masculinity. And considering his ardent support for Donald Trump, a man no stranger to the concepts of sexism, misogyny, and general toxicity, it's even more surprising that his book, "Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs," revealed an intense dislike of Andrew Tate. 

Yes, Hawley, who famously ran away from protestors just hours after championing them during the Capitol riots of January 6, repeatedly castigates the influencer for his habit of "sleeping with as many women as possible, berating them, abusing them and celebrating it all as manly, as 'freedom.'" In fact, it's the politician who's responsible for coining the nickname that Tate would no doubt be proud of, the "king of toxic masculinity."

Appearing to forget Donald Trump's infamous Access Hollywood scandal, where he was recorded on tape saying to "grab [women] by the p****y," Hawley also blasted Tate for the juvenile way he talks about his conquests: "Every man who has been in a locker room recognizes the type ... those aren't the words of a man; those are the words of a child pretending to be a man he thinks someone will like or respect."

Meek Mill called out Andrew Tate for sex trafficking

You might think that it would be impossible for Andrew Tate to ingratiate himself in the scandal that's engulfed mogul P Diddy's career in 2024. After all, the misogynist has no ties to the hip-hop mogul, and as far as we know, has never laid down any rhymes in a studio. But perhaps perturbed by the fact that he wasn't the internet's number one enemy for a few days, the attention seeker still managed to wade in on all the drama. And one particular rapper was having none of it.

Following the allegations that emerged in a lawsuit filed against Diddy by videographer Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones, Tate decided to kickstart his latest celebrity beef when he tweeted, "So P Diddy was having sex with Meek Mill and Usher?" Having already denied such allegations in his own distinctive way ("No man or watt would ever approach me about gay activity and the whole place don't get flipped"), Mill then addressed the influencer directly, remarking, "Was you sex trafficking women? Tf wrong wit you Brody."

Tate insisted that these words weren't his own, but continued to stir the pot, responding, "I only asked a question because everyone is saying it happened. It's true or not?" The rapper wisely decided not to engage further.

Ben Shapiro called out Andrew Tate's 'game'

That "The Worst Person You Know Makes A Great Point" meme came to mind in 2024 when provocative conservative commentator Ben Shapiro served up a surprisingly reasonable and eloquent takedown of another man who thrives on controversy. Responding to an X post in which Andrew Tate called out white men for declining birth rates, the former Breitbart News editor claimed to have worked out Tate's game.

"The game is like this: I'm going to say two transgressive things, things that violate the taboos of the culture around me," Shapiro said (via Facebook) while mimicking Tate's mindset. "One of those things is true, and one of those things is false. But because they are both transgressive and because people will oppose me on both of them — one for bad reasons and one for good reasons — this means that I have somehow gotten under the skin of the matrix. Everyone opposes me, which is why I'm a rebel."

This wasn't the first time that the Harvard graduate, who also described Tate as a con artist in the same rant, had spoken in such terms. After being accused by the controversial influencer of warmongering and suffering from 'short man syndrome' during an interview with Piers Morgan, Shapiro told Morgan on Sky News Australia, "I mean, I guess that, you know, if your version of manhood is walking around shirtless smoking cigars in Romania, then I guess you can have that — that's ok."

Paul Mescal said he believes Andrew Tate is dangerous

Paul Mescal isn't Hollywood's new golden boy for nothing. As well as garnering all kinds of awards attention for his performances in "Normal People," "Aftersun," and "All Of Us Strangers" (and no doubt he'll receive more for the forthcoming "Gladiator 2"), the Irishman has been one of Tinseltown's more vocal celebs when it comes to opposing Andrew Tate.

In a 2024 interview with The Sunday Times, Mescal was asked about the controversial influencer. And he made it crystal clear that he wasn't a fan of his rhetoric: "It's so dangerous. There is a version of masculinity that is toxic and ruined the world for the longest time and will continue to do so unless it's put in check. Changing what it means to be a man isn't an easy thing — there's a lot of painful conversations to be had."

Mescal has continued to criticize the type of masculinity that Tate has become a figurehead for. Speaking to Sky News, the Academy Award nominee also expressed hope that his and Andrew Scott's characters in "All Of Us Strangers" can show a different way of being a man: "They're also using their masculinity as a kind of haven for each other. They're not using their masculinity as a barrier or something [that is] impenetrable, it's the opposite, and I'm proud of that."

Matt Stone and Trey Parker lampooned Andrew Tate in South Park

Although Matt Stone and Trey Parker didn't explicitly name Andrew Tate in the season 26 episode of "South Park" titled "Spring Break," it was obvious to anyone with a passing interest in the influencer's saga who the "toxic masculinity coach" was intended to represent.

In the episode, a man named Alonzo Fineski, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the former kickboxer, is a gun-wielding businessman who owns the service through which Stan's father Randy booked strippers for a highly inappropriate kids party. When Alonzo pulls a gun on Randy for getting a little too frisky with the strippers, Randy says, "I'm trying to show my son and his nerdy little friend what a real party is because society wants them to be ashamed of their masculine natures," a reasoning that the cigar-chewing Fineski instantly accepts.

But things get heated again when cops bust the joint and Fineski's real profession — Romanian sex trafficker — is revealed. Despite blatantly being the butt of the joke, Tate appeared to obliviously take the lampooning well, tweeting, "When I will be proven innocent. I look forward to help create the greatest "South Park" episode of all time."