Donald Trump Accidentally Confirms He's Jealous Of Barron's Height & No One Is Surprised

While he doesn't live life in the public eye like his famous father, Barron Trump's height transformation has been well-documented — much to Donald Trump's chagrin. The former president has an almost obsessive fixation with his son's stature, frequently mentioning it in interviews when Barron's name comes up. He did it during his chat with "Impaulsive" host Logan Paul, whom Donald warmly embraced as if he were a long-lost Trump son. However, the ex-pres didn't stick to his usual Barron script and actually seemed to admit that the teen's towering frame makes him feel a teensy bit insecure.

After Donald briefly mentioned his relationship with heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, he said, "I have a beautiful boy, Barron, and he loves Mike Tyson. ... He's a big boy." Donald then revealed that he got shut down by his son when he suggested that Barron should consider putting his size to use by playing basketball. "He is a tall one, there's no question," he added. "I say, 'Barron, 'I don't want to take a picture next to you.'" While the dad was joking, author Michael Wolff has claimed that Donald legit hates it when he has to be around someone taller than him. In his book "Siege: Trump Under Fire," Wolff recounts how Donald's jokes about Barron hitting a growth spurt were delivered in a contemptuous manner.

During his interview with Paul, Donald said something else about Barron's height that's surprising if true: It could still increase!

Barron Trump might still be growing

If Donald Trump is to be believed, Barron Trump's head is still inching upward. While speaking to a crowd of supporters in North Carolina in 2021, Donald stated that then-15-year-old Barron was 6-foot-7. The presidential hopeful then reminded everyone that he has another son who is taller than him. "Eric is short — he's only 6-foot-6," he quipped, per the New York Post. This was further proof that Donald is preoccupied with the height of other people in his orbit.

In a November 2023 "Moms of America" interview, Donald gave a different measurement when marveling over Barron's tallness: 6 feet, 8 inches. It seems that Barron still was not finished growing, as Donald claimed during his "Impaulsive" interview that his son had reached the 6-foot-9 mark. By that time, Barron was a confident 18-year-old. According to Healthline, getting taller beyond this age is unusual but not impossible; guys might gain a little extra height, with their growth finally stopping when they're young twenty-somethings. Of course, certain medical conditions can cause abnormal growth.

While Donald might be a bit jealous of Barron's height, one thing is for certain: The dad isn't downplaying it to make himself feel better about not being the family's true Trump tower. Meanwhile, Barron's favorite boxer thinks that the teen's brains, not his build, are what make him truly special. On the "PBD Podcast," Mike Tyson said of Barron, "This guy is on top of his game, intellectually." (Are you taking notes, Donald?)