Trooping The Colour 2024: Behind-The-Scenes Drama You Didn't See

Trooping the Colour 2024 went off without a hitch on June 15. The gray, dreary, rainy weather was the only thing that dampened proceedings, quite literally — but as one commentator said, it just made it all the more British. However, despite appearing to be a finely oiled wheel, there was still some behind-the-scenes drama that the British public and others watching worldwide didn't get to see.

Luckily, Royal Central, "The world's leading news site reporting on the British Royal Family, the State, and the Monarchies of the world," shared a couple of the biggest Trooping the Colour bloopers on X, formerly Twitter.

One of the most unfortunate was poor Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, getting absolutely soaked as they proceeded along the crowd-lined Mall. As the husband of Anne, Princess Royal, and the wife of Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, the two aren't judged as senior enough members of the Firm to be assigned a fully covered carriage to ride in. Instead, theirs is only half covered, leaving poor Laurence without any shelter from the elements. "Princess Anne's husband, Sir Tim Laurence, gets drenched in the rain on the return to Buckingham Palace," Royal Central captioned a clip showing him sitting in his carriage. "The King's official birthday takes place in June, as opposed to November, due to weather reasons. Unfortunately, that logic hasn't worked this year!"

Pouring rain and wild horses

The June soaked poor Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence as he traveled in a half-covered horse-drawn coach down the Mall on June 15. However, that wasn't the only Trooping the Colour 2024 behind-the-scenes drama. Laurence's wife, Anne, Princess Royal, also had much to contend with. Anne's was equestrian rather than weather-related, though.

Anne is a highly accomplished horse rider with a slew of awards and trophies to her name. Still, the feisty filly she was in charge of tested King Charles III's sister to her limits. "The Prince of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Princess Royal are taking part in the royal procession on horseback. Princess Anne appears to have her hands full on board a buzzy horse," Royal Central captioned a clip on X of Anne riding a decidedly worked up horse. Luckily, her skills won out, and she managed to get things under control.

That said, not many were paying attention to the royal riders. All eyes were on Catherine, Princess of Wales. Kate made her first public appearance since news of her cancer diagnosis broke, and the crowds were here for it. Kate looked tired but radiant in her Trooping the Colour outfit — which would have been perfect, aside from the giant shoulder bow. Still, she could have stepped out in her PJs and slippers and the public would still have gone wild.

A dreary, dramatic but happy day

The dreary rain wasn't required to add drama to Trooping the Colour 2024. Enough was happening already, with King Charles III and Catherine, Princess of Wales, partaking in the proceedings amid their cancer treatments. It had been rumored that Kate wouldn't even be attending, so her appearance alone drove the crowds wild.

She released a statement on June 14, giving an update on her health and stating that she would be there for Charles' big day. Kate admitted it had been a rocky road to navigate since her diagnosis. Still, she said the public's outpouring of love and support had helped her through difficult times. Meanwhile, Kate vowed that despite her chemotherapy treatments often leaving her feeling depleted, she was determined to make the most of days when she felt good. "I'm looking forward to attending The King's Birthday Parade this weekend with my family and hope to join a few public engagements over the summer, but equally knowing I am not out of the woods yet," Kensington Palace posted on X.

Meanwhile, the rain also made for one of the cutest Trooping The Colour 2024 moments. As the carriage Kate and her children rode in proceeded down the Mall, the inside windows steamed up. However, Kate and Princess Charlotte kept the public happy by wiping away the condensation, waving to the crowds cowering under umbrellas, and cheering the royals as they rode by.