We Smell Shade In Ivanka Trump's Father's Day Shoutout To Donald & One Detail Gave It Away

Days after Ivanka Trump celebrated Donald Trump's birthday by sharing some cheesy throwbacks on Instagram, she sneakily tucked a Father's Day tribute to him in behind a smiling photo of her husband and kids. There are thousands of photos of her father floating around out there, but she chose one with a shady addition.

Ivanka gave Jared Kushner the more prominent position in her double-slided Father's Day post. She also chose a current photo of her and her husband posing alongside their three children, daughter Arabella and sons Joseph and Theodore. Then there was her generic caption, which read, "Happy Father's Day! Celebrating all the amazing dads out there with love and gratitude!" For her second image, Ivanka threw it way back to a much simpler time. Donald was bottle-feeding baby Ivanka, who was blissfully unencumbered by her dad's legal troubles and political snafus. She also couldn't understand a word he said to her. But the most telling detail was the inclusion of Ivanka's late mother. Donald and Ivana Trump divorced when Ivanka was just a child, so it's odd that she chose a happy family photo instead of one of just her and her dad together. 

Perhaps she was just missing Ivana who, disturbingly enough, is buried at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. However, it's also strange that Ivanka used a baby pic since Donald reportedly wasn't fond of taking care of infants.

Has Donald and Ivanka's relationship reverted back to its original form?

In a 2016 CNN interview, Ivanka Trump revealed that Donald Trump wasn't a very present father when his children were babies. "He wasn't long on diaper changing and things like that," she revealed. Ivana Trump also said that Donald preferred the company of his kids when they were much older, sharing that he was clueless when it came to interacting with toddlers. "He would give it to me because he had no idea what to do," she told New York magazine in 2004. The roles seem to be reversed now; it's Ivanka who is avoiding her father.

As an adult, Ivanka worked for her dad at the Trump Organization and later joined him in the White House, where she served as a senior advisor. But she decided not to participate in Donald's 2024 presidential campaign and she's rarely seen with him these days. Ivanka didn't even put in an appearance at Donald's hush-money trial, where he could have used the morale boost. "She is very happy, living her best life," an insider told People in March 2024. "She left politics totally in the rearview mirror and so this time around, even if her dad is the leading Republican candidate, she basically doesn't care." So, if Donald desires to spend more time with his daughter now, his best move might be to take a page from her and get out of the political game.