Joy Behar Looks Nearly Unrecognizable Without Makeup

While there's no shortage of celebrities fans could accuse of being cookie-cutter replicas without an ounce of personal style, Joy Behar isn't one of them! 

For as long as the TV personality and comic has graced fans with her undeniable wit and controversial takes, she's sported an unforgettable look, the star of which is her bright, striking red hair, which she usually wears short, with funky flipped-up ends. However, you may be surprised to learn that the beloved co-panelist on "The View" is not actually a natural redhead, and she's not at all ashamed! "I know you think I'm a natural redhead, but I hate to break it to you, this is where I get my hair dyed. William is my colorist," Behar shared with the New York Post about her go-to hairstylist. "He's a genius with color."

Of course, Behar's daring makeup is also a huge part of her look. She's known for experimenting with various shades of eyeshadow and blush. And though the TV host didn't exactly get the reception she was hoping for when she piled on a little extra product during an April 2023 taping of "The View," most of her fans have grown to embrace and appreciate her fun, edgy style. Plus, Behar is sure that fans would prefer she and her co-hosts spend time getting spruced up before appearing on camera. "If we came out here without makeup, people would be scared," Behar once joked. Still, this hasn't stopped Behar from going barefaced a time or two.

Joy Behar goes fresh-faced on vacation

Joy Behar is obviously serious about her signature look, but she still lets her hair down on vacation. Well, actually, she wipes her makeup off. In 2016, Behar took a break from working to vacation in Cuba and made sure to pack a few makeup wipes for the ride. In a photo uploaded to her Instagram account, Behar looked completely unrecognizable as she sported her bare face while posing with what appeared to be a Cuban cigar. The comic's fresh-faced look went over well with some of her fans, including one who wrote, "This photo is iconic!" However, many more commenters were noticeably unkind about Behar's appearance despite the fact that she was in her mid-seventies in the photo. Come on!

Despite the comments from a few bitter Betties, Behar posted a couple more photos from her trip. One photo featured her in an all-black getup, posed in front of a very large, interesting outdoor art installation. Behar wore the same clothes from her cigar photo, but this time, she traded in her glasses for sunglasses. "This is an entire neighborhood in Cuba made of ceramic — done by the artist Jose Fuster," the comic captioned the Instagram photo. Behar continued giving her skin a break from makeup, flaunting her bare face for the camera. The comments underneath this photo were slightly less inflammatory, but there were still a few haters in the midst. Fortunately, Behar has über tough skin!

Joy Behar went makeup-free to meet Usher

Judging from her Instagram account, Joy Behar rocked a no-makeup look for the majority of her Cuban vacation — at least in the few photos that she felt generous enough to share with her fans. Therefore, she was also flaunting her natural face when she crossed paths with R&B star Usher. In the photo, Behar posed happily next to the crooner while wearing zero makeup and pulled-back hair accented with a deep, red scarf. She also wore a dark blue sweater draped casually over her shoulders. "Ran into @usher during my trip to Cuba! He's adopting a school down there," wrote the television host on Instagram.

As for how Behar feels confident enough to rock her bare skin during her golden years? Well, she's learned a few beauty secrets over the years. During an episode of "The View," her fellow co-hosts prompted her to reveal how she was defying the aging process. After jokingly agreeing with co-host Ana Navarro that marrying younger men would help, she revealed her real beauty secret, claiming sunscreen "is the fountain of youth," according to The U.S. Sun. "Do not go in the sun, trust me on this one." As the outlet noted, the host also credited her ageless appearance to fillers and other unspecified cosmetic procedures. Hey, whatever works!