Kimberly Guilfoyle's Low-Cut Dress As Keynote Speaker Is Revealing In All The Wrong Ways

Kimberly Guilfoyle was the center of attention at the Turning Point Action People's Convention in Detroit on June 16, 2024. As the keynote speaker, you'd expect her to be the focus of the evening's proceedings. However, it was Guilfoyle's low-cut dress that really stole the show — in all the wrong ways.

Of course, Guilfoyle is no stranger to inappropriate outfits, regularly wearing super skimpy dresses and skin-tight ensembles. Who can forget Guilfoyle's risqué homecoming dance look that she busted out with on the campaign trail back in April? Still, the former Fox host managed to really put the V in va va voom for her latest appearance where she was clad in a dark blue dress with a neckline plunging to the ruched waistband, leaving little to the imagination. She also paired her look with a simple pearl necklace. "Fired up at @tpaction People's Convention in Detroit! [U.S. flag emoji]," Guilfoyle captioned a series of photos on Instagram. "Together, we're making America great again with powerful voices like @realdonaldtrump, @donaldjtrumpjr and @charliekirk1776. Ready to lead, ready to win in 2024! #MAGA #Patriot #TurningPointAction #LeadTheWay."

Some of the photos will do little to dispel accusations that Guilfoyle's Instagram life varies dramatically from reality. Even Donald Trump looks like he'd had a Photoshop facelift in one of the pics where he stands next to his suspiciously wrinkle-free future daughter-in-law.

Kimberly Guilfoyle was both revealing and ferocious

Kimberly Guilfoyle wasn't just staying true to form on the inappropriate outfit front as she rocked a super low-cut dress for her keynote address in Detroit on June 16. She was also on brand when it comes to fiery and ferocious rhetoric.

For this occasion, Guilfoyle was worked up over Donald Trump's recent guilty verdict from his hush money trial, which made him the first former U.S. president to ever be convicted of a crime. Guilfoyle also fired up the crowd for Donald who was set to take the stage. According to Forbes, she whipped the audience into a frenzy by appealing to "All you lovers of liberty and freedom and the American dream!" She then promised, "Get ready because the best is yet to come!" before ominously vowing, "Guess what? He's coming back in. Like it or not, you can not stop him."

When Trump took to the stage, he was eager to share his views on the global gloom, doom, and disaster that's supposedly coming because President Joe Biden is "dragging us all towards World War III" (via The Times). Luckily, though, Trump is here to save the day. "The American people were far better off under a gentleman named President Donald J. Trump. Have you heard of him, have you?" he asked to rapturous applause.