We Can't Unsee Eric Trump's 'Tighty Whitey' Pants At Bryson DeChambeau Link-Up

Eric Trump partied up a storm with Bryson DeChambeau in wake of the latter's U.S. Open win, and he did so clad in some seriously tight white pants. Unsurprisingly, many have weighed in on his attire of choice. We don't exactly blame them — we're adding this lewk to the list of media moments Eric can never erase.

ICYMI, just days after walking away the victor of the 2024 US Open, DeChambeau headed to the Trump National Golf Club Westchester to celebrate. Trump was on hand to give a speech in his friend's honor, and even took to Instagram to share pics of it. However, while many headed to the comments to congratulate DeChambeau (and send messages of support for Eric's dad Donald, obvs), others couldn't help but comment on the businessman's attire. "He's got his Jimmy Fallon tight pants on," wrote one Instagram user. "No one can rock too tight white pants like you!" quipped another. Over on X (formerly Twitter), people were just as vocal. In fact, one shared a pic of Eric with the caption, "I'm only here for Eric's tighty whiteys." 

This isn't the first time the tightness of Eric's pants has emerged as a topic for conversation, though. In fact, some may remember that just a week prior to his DeChambeau hang, he was poked fun at by one of his own family members for rocking what seems to be the same pair. 

Don Jr. mocked Eric's tight pants very publicly

As was reported by @PatriotTakes' X account, on June 11, Donald Trump Jr. took to his Instagram Stories to share a video of Eric Trump working at the Trump Cidery Orchard. For the day's work, Eric opted for his beloved tighty whiteys. It seems Eric took the video down relatively soon after, though. Don't take our word for it: in a caption accompanying the story, Donald wrote, "He deleted it but like a good brother I have receipts." Donald Jr. also added a call to action, encouraging his followers to follow Trump Cidery's Instagram account ... but in the same spirit of trolling, asked them to leave comments about his brother's pants. 

If it were just a case of sibling teasing, the attack on Eric's pants would be pretty funny. After all, we'll say it again: these are some very tight pants. What's more, Donald Jr. and Eric are known to have a good relationship, so it likely wasn't meant to be serious. That said, staying true to form as a social media troll in general, Donald couldn't resist sprinkling some casual homophobia into his commentary, writing of Eric's attire, "I know it's pride month but wtf bro?"

Eric's pants may be a bold choice, and he certainly has a shady side of his own, but this time, he's not the one we're rolling our eyes at.