Kate Middleton's Birthday Post For William Is Another Photoshop Nightmare

Kate Middleton may have made her first public appearance in months at the Trooping the Colour event (where she ruined her outfit with one glaring mistake), but it won't distract from her terrible editing skills. Once again, the Princess of Wales has showcased that she's spending a little too much time on Photoshop with her latest post honoring Prince William's birthday.

Kate and the rest of the royal family have a history of editing photos. Before her cancer diagnosis was public knowledge, in March 2024, Kate shared a U.K. Mother's Day post that was later taken down from major news outlets due to the extensive editing involved in the photo. Since then, the Photoshop claims from the public have not died down, and now, people think Kate has had another bizarre fake photo controversy in her post for Prince William's birthday.

Kate shared on Instagram, "Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much! Cx." The Princess of Wales was credited for taking the photo as William and their three kids jumped for joy over shrubbery on a sandy beach. It was a nice photo of the future monarch and his kids, but people couldn't help but point out that some things about the image were slightly off. One user wrote, "Love this photo but you can't deny the insane photo shopping!! Wonder what they were originally jumping over?" The internet was not going to let these edits slide, as this was just one of the many comments about Kate's photoshopping skills.

Social media users call out Kate Middleton's Photoshop skills

Kate Middleton's birthday post for Prince William caught some major flack from the public. Many believed that the future monarch and his kids — Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — were originally jumping over something other than the shrubbery that is shown in the photo. The edits made to the image were too obvious not to point out, as social media users called out the Princess of Wales' use of Photoshop. One online user shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, "I see that Kate played with photoshop again." Even those who rarely comment on the royals had to talk about the editing made to the image. One person wrote, "Never commented before but a great photoshop."

As we mentioned, Kate is no stranger to editing her photos and some were impressed with how the Princess of Wales has gotten better at Photoshop in the past couple of months. One individual commented on the photo of William and his kids, saying, "Kate getting better and better at Photoshop." While some users may have been joking and others not so much, it seems that as long as Kate continues to edit her photos, people will have something to say about it.