Judge Judy's Spicy Side Jumps Out When Talking About 90-Year-Old Husband Jerry Sheindlin's Body

Judy Sheindlin, who was once a real judge before landing "Judge Judy," which ended in 2021, may be known for being a spitfire on the bench, but she also has a softer, spicier side when it comes to her husband, Jerry Sheindlin. The fierce, yet hilarious, TV judge recently opened up about what makes her husband Jerry attractive to her, and her response totally has us blushing. "He takes wonderful care of himself," Judy revealed during an appearance on "Who's Talking to Chris Wallace" (via Page Six). "And I sort of like it, because he maintains that physique that I fell in love with 48 years ago," she added.

Of course, this isn't the first time Judy has broached this topic. In a 2021 interview with People, the TV judge spoke about how vital it is that she and Jerry keep themselves physically fit. "We're both very surface people when it comes to that," Judy said. "You know, if you fall instantaneously for somebody, that means that there's a physical attraction." And while some people might give up on themselves as they age, that hasn't been Judy or Jerry's philosophy. "I don't have to tell him that more than once," she added. "He loves himself desperately." Judy also shared that she believes Jerry, who's nine years her senior, is trying to outlive her. "He takes very good care of himself, and good for him."

How Judge Judy keeps her marriage healthy

Judy Sheindlin may be worth more money than the average person can conceive, but she also knows that health is the true wealth. In case you were wondering exactly what Judy does to keep herself healthy for herself and her husband, well, it's a lot. During an interview with the New York Post, Judy revealed that she sets aside 10 hours a week out of her busy schedule to prioritize her physical health. "I have a responsibility to keep the vessel in shape and looking good," Judy shared about her motivations. Jerry Sheindlin also joins her, sweating it out together for an hour and a half in the morning. "If your mind is in shape and your body is not, [the weaker] one will eventually affect the other," added Judy.

Physicality aside, Judy also revealed the other ways she and Jerry have made their marriage work. "You don't spend 24 hours together because that's deadly," Judy told E! News in January. "Jerry just celebrated his 90th birthday and I still like to look at him when he walks in the room — that's a key." As revealed on the "Who's Talking To Chris Wallace" podcast, Judy also shared that, along with feeding and cuddling Jerry, she believes in giving him space. "And if you feed 'em and love 'em up a little bit and don't get in their way too much, they're happy," she said.