5 Times Olivia Dunne's Outfits On TikTok Were So Inappropriate

Olivia Dunne tumbled into life-altering Internet fame by posting "beach-nastics" videos on TikTok, and since becoming a super popular influencer, she often wears outfits that don't contain much more fabric than the bikinis that she used to perform backflips in. Dunne is also known for sporting shiny leotards while competing as part of the LSU Tigers gymnastics squad. Her competition gear features heavily in the pro-athlete's TikTok videos, but she was forced to hang her leos up when Dunne's career as a gymnast abruptly ended in 2024. Or maybe she's not "Dunne" with them just yet — she could always relive her glory days by slipping one on every now and then, like a 30-something high school quarterback who transforms back into a big man on campus whenever he puts on his old letterman jacket.

Unfortunately for Dunne, losing her gymnastics content will force her to showcase more of her personal style on TikTok, which she has had to defend numerous times before. "I can't help the way I look, and I'm going to post what I feel comfortable with," she asserted in an interview with Elle. Thus far, Dunne has rather brilliantly used being one of the world's most striking female athletes to her considerable advantage by continuously showing off her physique in skimpy outfits; it keeps her follower count high, which keeps all those lucrative brand partnership offers rolling in. But while Dunne deserves to be commended for making serious bank, sometimes the looks that help her get attention on TikTok have little going for them besides covering very little.

Her Eras Tour outfit was very Victoria's Secret

In a May 2023 TikTok, Olivia Dunne showed off an outfit that she rocked to attend one of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concerts. Many Swifties like to dress in close approximations of their idol's tour costumes, but the upper half of the celebrated gymnast's ensemble would have been more appropriate when Swift performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It was a semi-sheer lace bustier with wire cups that gave Dunne's cleavage a significant boost. She also donned a white miniskirt and pink cowboy boots. Together, the three items did not exactly constitute a cohesive outfit, and Dunne's footwear was the only part of the look that didn't look low-cost since cowboy boots ain't cheap.


i do indeed like purple. #foryou

♬ original sound – 𝘴𝘪𝘹

Dunne once shared a screengrab of a comment from a fellow TikToker that at first seemed to be roasting her for having poor taste. Instead, it turned out to be a poor attempt at rizz. "Did you get your clothes on sale?" the message read. "Because at my house they'll be 100% off." The comments section below her Eras ensemble video was filled with similarly terrible pickup lines.

Because the gymnast's top was pale purple, it was possibly a nod to the Swift song "Lavender Haze." However, Dunne had plenty of admirers in a lavender daze — and many of them couldn't have cared less about her outfit's appearance. "Do you have a pencil so I can erase your past and write our future?" asked one hopeful TikToker.

Olivia Dunne's horseback ride on the beach looked painful

Hopping on the back of a horse in a bikini seems like the type of thing Olivia Dunne would have been asked to do when she posed for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue pictorial. However, sitting on a saddle with nothing between your sensitive bits and the hard leather seat but a thin strip of synthetic fibers does not sound like the type of experience you would want to prolong. And yet, Dunne did exactly that during a beach visit in May 2024, naturally documenting her seaside ride on TikTok. According to a hashtag, the footage was filmed in Mexico.


Horsing around🐎 #mexico #beach #mdw @Julz Dunne

♬ yall r weird under this sound.. – 𖣂

The gymnast had on a teal two-piece with a bandeau-style top that thankfully featured straps — if her horse had decided to bolt, the last thing she needed to worry about was part of her bikini being bounced off. The pro-athlete's bottoms, meanwhile, featured a cheeky cut, which revealed that potentially developing saddle sores was not her only skin concern. Dunne also sported a pretty gnarly sunburn, which had to make her trek through the sand even more unpleasant. At least her face was somewhat shielded from the sun with a woven cowboy hat, but forget save a horse, ride a cowboy — save your skin, and always wear SPF while riding a horse in a bikini!

Olivia Dunne celebrated America's independence with unbuttoned pants

On TikTok, Olivia Dunne has revealed that she enjoys country music and the company of country boys. She also, apparently, received the country girl influencer starter pack: Frayed Daisy Dukes, a fringe crop top, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and an American flag bikini. Now, some people believe that star-spangled swimwear is disrespectful, in part because the U.S. Flag Code reads: "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery." Those broad stripes and bright stars on 'Merica's beloved banner notably can't wave properly when stretched over boobs and butts either. But Dunne celebrated Independence Day in 2023 by wearing a pair of string bikini bottoms emblazoned with the flag's stars. To properly show them off, she had to leave her fly un-Dunne.


happy birthday America🥳🇺🇸 #foryou

♬ original sound – sara

The influencer didn't even wear the full flag two-piece, which is probably the redneck fashion equivalent of flying the flag upside down. Instead, she donned a white tube top with a knotted detail. Worse yet, Dunne added a sound effect to her video that poked fun at the use of pronouns: Conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin saying, "My pronouns are U-S-A."  For the record, according to The Washington Post's Miss Manners column, wearing flag-inspired apparel is not actually a violation of the Flag Code — the American Legion only frowns upon repurposing real flags as clothing. Still, Dunne's outfit was a somewhat tacky homage to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Olivia Dunne made eating mor chikin seem scandalous

Anything can be turned into a sexy Halloween costume if you're brave enough — including a Chick-fil-A worker's uniform. In October 2022, Olivia Dunne proved this once and for all by sporting a pair of red bike shorts, a matching skintight cropped polo shirt, and a visor featuring the Chick-fil-A logo. A nametag was also affixed to her shirt, with "Livvy" written on it. In the gymnast's caption, Dunne wrote, "Have a blessed day," a phrase that some Chick-fil-A workers are known to say to customers when handing them their limp waffle fries and sodium-soaked nuggets. Had a youth pastor encountered an employee dressed like Dunne while taking his young charges out for Icedream cones, he would have had to tell them to avert their eyes.


have a blessed day! #foryou #chickfila

♬ original sound – ㅤ

But the real issue with Dunne's outfit was showing some love to a fast food chain with an incredibly problematic history. Despite vowing that his company would quit giving money to anti-LGBTQ+ groups in 2020, Chick-fil-A owner Dan Cathy opened up his pocketbook for the National Christian Charitable Foundation in 2021. As the Daily Beast reported at the time, one of the foundation's goals was to prevent the passage of the Equality Act, which would have protected queer citizens from various forms of discrimination. Also, Chick-fil-A team members wear black pants, not red bottoms, and Dunne was missing the required belt, so her costume wasn't accurate to boot. 

The Coachella outfit Olivia Dunne changed her mind about

Olivia Dunne was really feeling herself in the Coachella look that she showed off in a 2022 TikTok video. It was the type of ensemble that's a dime a dozen at the celebrity-filled music festival: A sheer top and matching skirt over a black bikini. Her take on festival style would have been a total yawn if not for the pearls and diamanté crystals that gave it some subtle shimmer. No cliché festival 'fit would be complete without some sort of headgear, and Dunne accessorized her look with a delicate head chain including a segment that ran along her hair's center part, giving it a whiff of cultural appropriation (the chain was similar to the traditional jewelry that some Indian brides wear on their big day).

@ ♬ –

While showing off her look, the pro-athlete mouthed a famous Rihanna quote: "I remember thinking, 'She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit.'" But just two years later, she had a change of heart about it. In a TikTok video rating her Coachella outfits over the years, she only gave the ensemble a paltry four out of 10. After acknowledging that there wasn't much to it, in all senses of the word, Dunne shared a photo of herself squatting on the ground with her arms crossed over her chest. "Here I am shivering because I had the flu," she admitted, adding, "Fun fact: I got pick-pocketed later that night." But wait — where were the pockets to be picked?