Inside Hallmark Star Sam Page's Private And Lavish Life Off-Camera

Hallmark Channel stars may not exactly evoke the stereotypical image of wealth and riches, but many of them, including actor Sam Page, are rolling in enough dough to fund quite lavish lifestyles. In fact, the richest Hallmark stars have been lucky enough to build million-dollar net worths in the double-digit range. But even those at the lower tier of the pack are living the coveted seven-figure lifestyle. The latter describes Page, who's been serving Hallmark fans a slate of feel-good movies for almost 15 years. According to certain estimates, the beloved actor's net worth sits at around $2 million as of 2024. Of course, Page's net worth is mostly the result of his acting career, which dates back over two decades.

Page's biggest fans probably recognize him from his more mainstream, and certainly more scandalous, TV projects such as "Mad Men," "Switched at Birth," and "Desperate Housewives," to name a few. However, Hallmark loyalists probably know a very different side of Page's temperament. Since 2011, Page has starred in titles such as "Annie Claus Is Coming To Town," "Royal New Year's Eve," "Walking the Dog," and "The Story of Us." And while the plots and seasons of these films may differ, you can guarantee that, thanks to Hallmark's penchant for ending things on a positive note, all of Page's characters walked away with either a new partner, a new business, or a new outlook on life.

While his real life isn't nearly as perfect, Page's setup is still pretty sweet.

Sam Page had a gorgeous beachside wedding

Sam Page has been married to Cassidy Boesch since 2014, and their wedding was lavish in every way. Page and Boesch committed themselves to each other at a villa near Santa Barbara. Page shared a little bit of their special day by posting a shot of him and Boesch in their wedding attire to his pre-blue-check-marked Instagram. He also tagged the ritzy venue they booked for their big day, Villa Sevillano. According to the venue's Facebook page, the property is basically every couple's dream, featuring "magnificently manicured grounds ... terraced formal gardens, rose gardens, orchards of citrus trees, and over 200 mature olive trees." They even offer rooms that face the Ynez Mountains.

Of course, a venue like this doesn't come cheap. According to Felici Events, the price to book Villa Sevillano starts at $10,000. Given Page's net worth, that obviously wasn't a problem for him and his bride. If you haven't bought into the lavishness of this villa, look no further than Page's venue twin, MLB star Joc Pederson, who got married at the same place in 2018. Pederson, in case you didn't know, is reportedly worth over $45 million, which is apparently enough money to have singer/songwriter John Legend serenade their guests at the wedding. As for Page and Boesch, they followed up their wedding with a honeymoon to a seemingly tropical destination that he didn't identify on Instagram.

Sam purchased Brooke Shields' old home

>Sam Page has also spent some of his millions on real estate. A few years ago, the beloved actor shelled out over $7 million to purchase a Los Angeles-based mansion that previously belonged to actor Brooke Shields, according to Nine AU. To be specific, Page reached into his piggy bank to pull out about $7.4 million to score the enviable digs. Despite the astronomical price tag, Page reportedly scored a deal by shaving around $800,000 off of the home's original price tag before signing on the dotted line. Not bad! As the outlet noted, the home boasts five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and some super cool perks, such as a personal on-site sauna and views of the nearby canyons.

The actor also unloaded his previous home around the same time. Page listed his home in L.A. for $3.95 million only three years after purchasing the impressive setup. Some of the 2,800 square-foot home's most impressive features include — in addition to its dreamy location — four bedrooms, three bathrooms, floating walnut shelves in the kitchen, and its very own guest house! Although Page and his wife listed the home several years ago, there haven't been any updates about whether or not they found the person to take it off their hands. That said, there's really nothing more lavish than having a vacation home, so Page wins either way.