Is Paula Deen On Ozempic? Facial Plastic Surgeon Gives Us Their Take On Her Weight Loss

Ozempic is the latest rage among celebrities thanks to people having drastic weight transformations after taking the diabetes medication. Many stars have relied on the drug to get thin, and because of this dynamic, there's been a trend in Ozempic accusations made against some of the biggest celebrities, including the scandalous Paula Deen.

Several photos of Deen have caught the attention of the public as the celebrity chef has lost a significant amount of weight, specifically in her face. People are convinced Deen is on Ozempic, with one person writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Ozempic Paula Deen wasn't on my 2024 bingo card. LMAO." Although the chef has never been one of the many celebrities who have admitted to taking Ozempic, it hasn't stopped the gossip. Now, Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Davis is dishing exclusively to Nicki Swift his thoughts on the speculation surrounding Deen's weight loss.

Dr. Davis told Nicki Swift, "To be clear, I am not her physician, but she has been outspoken about having diabetes." Since Deen has diabetes, it wouldn't be uncommon if she was using Ozempic or similar medications. However, while these drugs can result in weight loss like Deen has experienced, Dr. Davis notes there are downsides when it comes to Ozempic. He said, "As they become more effective at managing diabetes and helping with weight loss, it's important for users to recognize that there are some drawbacks that can occur after rapid weight loss ... especially when it comes to the face."

Paula Deen's face weight loss raises speculation of Ozempic use

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Davis pointed out that the face can see major changes when it comes to taking medications like Ozempic, and that is one of the noticeable differences in Paula Deen's appearance. The celebrity chef looks unrecognizable after losing a significant amount of weight over the years, and one of Deen's major physical changes has been her face. Instead of her usual plump cheeks, Deen's facial structure has thinned out and is less round than it used to be. The drastic change has raised the speculation that she is taking Ozempic or a similar drug.

Dr. Davis explained exclusively to Nicki Swift that the significant weight loss experienced with individuals who take these medications means something deeper than just a thinner face or body. He shared, "As a facial plastic surgeon, I have seen many, many patients who have concerns after having taken Ozempic for rapid weight loss. The issue with the dramatic drop in pounds is that it can result in a loss of muscle and bone density," he continued, "Paradoxically, it causes gauntness in the face that makes the patient appear older than she is." Dr. Davis explanation of Ozempic seems to fit the drastic facial and general physical changes that Deen has experienced. Given her struggles with diabetes, it's not surprising that people believe she is on Ozempic.