Jessica Biel's Appearance At Justin Timberlake's Concert Is See-Through Attempt At Good PR

Jessica Biel popped up at her husband's concert at Madison Square Garden on June 25, 2024, just days after Justin Timberlake's DWI arrest shattered the perception of their perfect marriage. Bravo star, Jessel Taank also attended the star's "Forget Tomorrow World Tour," and Biel was spotted in the background of some of her Instagram concert footage. As you can see in one of Taank's slides, Biel, dressed casually in fitted jeans and a gray, ruched top, seemed content as she drank and danced in sync with the crowd. Usually, Biel's attendance at one of Timberlake's shows wouldn't warrant a second thought, but the timing definitely reeks of PR. Plus, her casual vibe seemed like a transparent attempt to tell the public that she and Timberlake are all good.

Of course, the couple could very well be on a great terms, despite Timberlake's poor decision. However, it's difficult to think that Biel, who has two boys with the Grammy award-winning star, is okay with the raging gossip surrounding their relationship that's cropped up following Timberlake's arrest. Furthermore, Timberlake isn't the only entertainer in their relationship. Biel also has a successful acting career, and she was apparently on set filming a new project when Timberlake's arrest dragged them both into the headlines. If Biel was annoyed (and how could she not be) no one could blame her. No need for the theatrics!

Justin Timberlake reportedly embarrassed Jessica Biel

According to Life & Style, Justin Timberlake's arrest could be taking a toll on Jessica Biel. "She's upset, as anyone can imagine," revealed a source to the outlet on June 25. "She doesn't understand why he would do something so stupid as attempt to drive himself home after a night of drinking. She's disappointed." The source also claimed that Biel is embarrassed by his DWI. "She's stood by him for so long. It's one thing to sit back with friends over a drink. It's another to consume so much alcohol that you're DWI bait." Unfortunately, according to the source, Timberlake's tour was already causing strain within their relationship.

A source from In Touch also detailed Biel's supposed displeasure over Timberlake's behavior. "Justin has humiliated her again," shared a source. "This could all lead to a divorce bombshell. No one would be shocked if Jessica issued Justin an ultimatum: Get help — or it's over." Apparently, Biel's friends are definitely not team-Timberlake and want her to move on with her life. "Her friends think she's married to a loser and hate that so much of her life is taken up with trying to get Justin to stay on the straight and narrow," says the source. They also claimed that Timberlake's legal trouble was "a wake-up call" for the actor after spending the night in jail.