Which Red Sox Player Did Alex Cooper Date? Messy Call Her Daddy Episode Points To Strong Suspect

The Daddy Gang may not have struck out on figuring who Alex Cooper was talking about in a recent podcast. Cooper is no stranger to spilling the tea on "Call Her Daddy," but sometimes, she'll leave out important information for whatever reason. However, her followers seem to think that they know which Red Sox player she was referring to in one of her latest dating history stories.

In the podcast episode titled, "My First Professional Athlete (ft. Boston Red Sox)," Cooper opened up about falling in love with a baseball player for the first time, but it didn't go as planned. Cooper and the guy, who she referred to as "Red Sox Man," had a whirlwind relationship that involved a lot of toxic behavior. However, it all came to an end years later when he was traded to another team. Although the relationship ended, the stories and details about her romance with "Red Sox Man" intrigued many, and people needed to know who Cooper was talking about.

Pulling details from the story, her followers believe she was referring to former Boston Red Sox player, Mike Napoli. Napoli played as a first baseman and catcher on the Red Sox team from 2013 to 2015, and the information pointed out by the Daddy Gang in Cooper's story seemed to make him the number one contender among all other Red Sox players at the time.

The proof Daddy Gang thinks they found in Alex Cooper's story

Alex Cooper should know by now that her followers will get down to the bottom of things, even if given the smallest details. The Daddy Gang listened to her story about "Red Sox Man" intensely and are confident that the man she was speaking about was Mike Napoli.

One giveaway was the timeline she gave to her listeners. To start, she shared in the "Call Her Daddy" podcast that she met the mystery man in 2014 during her sophomore year, just after the Red Sox won the world series. But why mention the 2013 win at all? Ironically, 2013 was when Napoli began his career with the team. Later, Cooper revealed they split her junior year because "Red Sox Man" was traded to another team. Based on her timeline, this breakup would have happened in 2015, and what do you know, Napoli was traded to the Texas Rangers that same year. The timeline seemed to fit the baseball player to a tee, but that's not the only info that stood out.

Cooper's followers also noted the salary she mentioned in the story. The podcast host claimed in the episode, that in 2014, the "Red Sox Man" was making $16 million. Regarding this specific point, one Reddit user shared, "Mike Napoli!! Just looked up his salary in 2014 it was $16M." All these details seem to point to her romance being with Napoli, but Cooper still hasn't confirmed anything.