The Biggest Battle Of Debate 2024 Was Joe Biden And Donald Trump's Tragic Hair

For many Americans, their minds were already made up about who they planned on voting for in the 2024 presidential election long before Donald Trump and Joe Biden's first debate. But when it comes to who had the worst hair, that turned out to be a tougher contest.

The appearance of Donald's hair started to majorly decline in his 70s, while Biden's look has remained fairly consistent over the past few years — he let nature take its course color-wise and has kept his silver locks cropped fairly short but long enough to sweep into a sleek combover. Unlike Donald, he also seems to know that there are products that remove brassy tones from blond and gray hair. But unfortunately, Biden's hair has become so thin up top that the age spots on his scalp are visible when he leans forward. Their appearance prompted one person on X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask, "Does Biden have bugs in his hair? What is that??" There are a few things the president could do about the age spots, such as getting a hair transplant or shaving the top of his head and undergoing some form of cosmetic treatment to fade them. But maybe he'd argue that he has better things to do.

Biden also had just a touch of frizz, but Donald definitely had him beat in that department. The former president's hair was also styled in an unfortunate shape.

Donald Trump looked ready to make Legoland great again

At times, Donald Trump's hair looked a bit disheveled, like Melania Trump had perhaps stashed his comb in her purse before he left for the debate. And since Melania didn't show up to support him yet again, it's not like he could ask for it back.

Donald also looked ready to sell Americans his own version of Biden's Build Back Better Plan, but with his, all U.S. infrastructure would have to be created with Lego blocks. (At least that border wall would be colorful.) While Donald's hairstyle wasn't quite as troubling as it was during his hush-money trial, he had managed to mold it into a cube shape. When combined with its yellow hue, the look was giving Lego man. 

Viewers at home noticed that Trump's golden crowning glory looked different than usual, with one person tweeting, "Trump hair look like somebody hit it with the blur on Photoshop." Another wrote, "Did an osprey do Trump's hair?" As per debate tradition, there were also conspiracy theories about earpieces, with some users suggesting that the stringy wing over one of Donald's ears was hiding one. But according to one person's observation, any hidden earpiece wasn't going to stay that way for long. They tweeted, "I swear Trump's hair piece is slowly floating off of his head." So that's what his MAGA hats are for!