Who Is Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Dating? Meet Angie Polushkin, A Nurse Almost 20 Years His Junior

Rick Harrison has haggled his way into the heart of Angie Polushkin. The "Pawn Stars" head honcho and his new love interest had already appeared on each other's Instagram pages for months when Harrison made their relationship tabloid official. "Angie and I met 6 months ago, and she is a nurse in Las Vegas," he told People.

Like her 59-year-old boyfriend, Polushkin is a business owner. The 41-year-old currently works as an aesthetic nurse injector and operates a mobile service called Forever 23 Beauty. It brings cosmetic injectables to the door of its clients, where an expert (presumably Polushkin) administers them. 

Polushkin has a profile on the talent website Backstage, where her full first name is listed as Agripina. She used to work as a travel nurse and has documented some of her journeys on Instagram, including a trek from Florida to New Jersey in 2020. "Hopefully I can be one of the many nurses in one of these crisis locations to help beat the COVID-19 pandemic," she wrote. Polushkin appears to be an Alaska native, and she also took an extraordinarily long road trip from her home state to Florida in January 2020 — that's a three-day drive! She and her new boyfriend have done quite a bit of traveling together as well. They celebrated Harrison's birthday in March 2024 by touring the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, and they've also gone on several Sin City adventures. However, some fans didn't find one of their experiences very romantic.

How the couple stirred up controversy

It looks like Rick Harrison isn't using his famous "Best I can do is" line when it comes to showing Angie Polushkin a good time. For her birthday in June 2024, he splurged on a European getaway that included a trip to Paris for a special late-night birthday dessert. On Instagram, Harrison helped his sweetie celebrate the occasion by joking about her age. "12:01 in Paris and @apolushkinrn83 is 29 again!" he wrote.

Back in Vegas, the couple attended an Adele concert together and posed for a photo with former president Donald Trump at a fundraiser. Some Instagrammers weren't happy when Polushkin shared that photo on her account and expressed support for Trump. "You can't be f***ing serious!!" read one response in the comments section. "How much did Rick offer the sex offender?" another person asked. Like Trump, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop owner has been married three times. However, Harrison has three ex-wives.

Harrison got divorced for the third time in 2020. He had been married to Deanna Burditt for around seven years, and during that time, she largely avoided the spotlight. Harrison told Heavy that Burditt never had any interest in being a reality show star like him, so it will be interesting to see if Polushkin appears alongside him on "Pawn Stars" at some point. If she also doesn't want to be involved with the show, at least the pair share the same political views.