The Worst-Dressed Celebrities At The 2024 BET Awards

The BET Awards may not be the Met Gala, but year after year, its attendees turn the red carpet into a runway of bold fashion looks. Dubbed culture's biggest night, this year's event took place in Los Angeles at the Peacock Theater, with the fabulous Taraji P. Henson helming as the host and performances from Megan Thee Stallion, Usher, Ice Spice, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Tyla, Victoria Monét, and more, making it a night to remember. And let's not forget Will Smith, who graced the stage with his first new song in half a decade.

While music takes the spotlight in this awards show, fashion isn't far behind, with celebrities strutting the red carpet to flaunt their best, seemingly aiming to outshine one another. But, of course, not everyone hits the mark. There were still quite a few flops who decided to go against the norm and dress in their, err, not-so-best. From Tank wearing a literal tank to Remy Ma wearing a dress that resembled an oversized chain necklace, here are some of the worst-dressed stars at the 2024 BET Awards.

Too Short's overly casual getup

It seems Too Short took his stage name a bit too literally at the 2024 BET Awards, because his outfit definitely fell short in the fashion department. Instead of dazzling us with some sartorial flair, the rapper rolled up in ripped jeans, sneakers (seriously, are you 15?), and a T-shirt boldly proclaiming "cultural icon." He topped it all off with a pair of sunglasses and a chain necklace, which didn't exactly help in embellishing the look. Well, at least the shirt didn't say "fashion icon" — now that would be a straight-up lie!

Remy Ma was all blinged out

The key to spectacular fashion is to accessorize, but it seems Remy Ma took that advice a bit too literally, sporting what looked like an oversized diamond necklace masquerading as a dress. The rapper's bejeweled ensemble, composed of crystals in every imaginable shape and size, left little to the imagination. While it might have sounded good in theory, in reality, it was a fashion flop. As one fan aptly put it, "That's not a dress. That's an extended neck chain." Better luck next time, Remy!

Laurieann Gibson's outfit was giving dinner instead of awards show

If Remy Ma took a fashion risk, Laurieann Gibson went to the opposite extreme, playing it way too safe for our taste. The renowned choreographer stepped onto the red carpet in a bodycon polka dot dress paired with white stilettos — and absolutely zero accessories to jazz things up. Sure, her pink locks added a dash of color, but overall, the look was a snooze fest. Laurieann, a little bit of pizzazz wouldn't hurt!

Young Dro's preppy look was a snooze

Hey, Young Dro, Gap just called — they want their entire catalog back! Attempting to channel a youthful vibe, the rapper showed up in a bright, preppy ensemble featuring a tangerine knit sweater, cream-colored undershirt, cream chino shorts, white Nike trainers, and bright orange crew socks. To top it off, he wore a bright orange cap upside down. What's going on here? We're not sure, but he looks more ready for a golf match than a red carpet.

Tank decides to go full-on tank

Another celebrity who lived up to his stage name at the 2024 BET Awards was none other than Tank, who graced the red carpet in a ribbed tank top paired with brown trousers and white training shoes. He made a minimal effort to accessorize with a watch and a chain, and, well, that's about it. To echo a fan, "Tank is hosting the BET Red Carpet Style Stage in a knitted tank top and dress pants? His body is bodying but I'm sure there's more to his outfit? Lol." Come on, Tank, we know your closet has more to offer than just tanks!

Kyla Pratt's LBD is giving... nothing

What is up with celebrities giving the bare minimum this year? Kyla Pratt, who normally dazzles on any red carpet, decided to dial it back with a yawn-inducing little black dress. Sure, it had an interesting off-shoulder cut and a slit that teased up to mid-thigh, but beyond that, it was utterly forgettable. Her platform heels and clutch didn't do anything to elevate the outfit, either! Newsflash: Just because you're wearing an LBD doesn't mean it has to be boring, Kyla!

Lala Milan's Clueless-esque fit? As if!

Word on the street is the "Clueless" remake is set to hit the airwaves this year, but we doubt Lala Milan will be making a cameo with her poor attempt at a Cher Horowitz-inspired outfit. The YouTube star stepped out in a pink checkered babydoll dress adorned with rhinestones, paired with a matching blazer that inexplicably had... spikes? We've got to give props to her choice of footwear, though — the pink heels with glitter hearts were adorable! As for everything else? Erm, we'll let a fan speak for us: "Lala Milan cannot dress. No matter how hard she tries. She needs a stylist."

Andra Day's dress went from cagey to cringey

Andra Day almost never misses, but the 2024 BET Awards was one of those rare moments when she committed a major fashion faux pas. The "Rise Up" singer donned a daring dress that can only be described as cage-core, with its sheer design featuring squares that revealed more than it flattered. She kept it minimal with diamond dangling earrings and silver strap heels, but the overall look fell flat. Sorry, Andra, this ensemble just wasn't your best moment.

Yvette Nicole Brown's dress had too much going on

While a bold print is usually a great idea, it ultimately depends on the pattern. Unfortunately, Yvette Nicole Brown's vibrant drape dress looked like a tie-dye experiment gone horribly wrong, resembling a kindergarten art project more than a red carpet-worthy gown. The chaotic blend of colors and patterns was a bit too much for the eyes if we're being honest! Good thing she brought on her radiant smile to be the saving grace of her ensemble, bringing some much-needed charm to the otherwise flop look.

Usher's outfit was not worthy of a Lifetime Achievement award

Usher should thank his lucky stars that the BET Lifetime Achievement Award he received wasn't based on fashion choices. The "Burn" singer rolled up to the event where he was a guest of honor decked out in a white blazer, crisp white shirt, and rugged, washed jeans with some white paint splatters, apparently trying to channel a slight grunge vibe to complement the overall clean aesthetic. Topped off with black wayfarers and black leather shoes, this ensemble was anything but iconic.