Who Are Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman's Children?

Actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had quite a fast-paced relationship. The duo met for the first time on the set of "Days of Thunder" in 1990 and got married in December of that very same year. Not so surprisingly, the two, especially Kidman, wanted to start a family almost as soon as they said, "I do."

As she noted in a 2007 Vanity Fair interview (via People), "From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies." Sadly, the couple's struggles with fertility made things difficult. However, within two years of their wedding, Cruise and Kidman welcomed their adoptive daughter, Bella, into their lives. A couple years after Bella's adoption, the celebrity duo decided to have another child and adopted their son, Connor.

Unfortunately, Kidman and Cruise's relationship ended in a divorce in 2001, when Bella was 8 and Connor was 6. Bella and Connor are now full-grown adults, and although they both stay away from the public eye, they have made headlines from time to time. Here's what you need to know about Cruise and Kidman's shared children.

Bella and Connor were adopted as newborns

Isabella Jane, who goes by Bella Kidman Cruise, was born in Miami, Florida, in December 1992. Briefly after Bella was born, she was handed over to Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, with the adoption process being facilitated by the Church of Scientology (which both Cruise and Bella's biological mother are/were devoted to).

Bella joined the celebrity couple shortly after Kidman went through a painful ectopic pregnancy, which was followed by a miscarriage and the news that she might not ever be able to bear a child again. However, Bella's presence helped the couple fill that void. As Kidman put it while on "Desert Island Discs" (via the Independent) in 1998, "When I held Bella in my arms, that was everything. I look into those eyes and that crazy love happens ... It opens up a part of your heart you didn't even know was there."

Connor Cruise, who previously used "Kidman Cruise" as his last name, was born in Florida in January 1995. Although not much is known about Connor's biological parents or the process of his adoption, we do know that he was adopted as a newborn, too.

Bella worked for Katie Holmes's clothing line

Back in 2006, the year Tom Cruise married his now-ex-wife and fellow actor, Katie Holmes, Bella Kidman Cruise started working for Holmes and Yang, a clothing line owned by Holmes. Although it's not clear what her position in the firm was, we're sure Bella worked with diligence during her tenure. We say so because it came as a shock to many when she was reportedly dismissed from the company shortly before Cruise and Holmes' marriage ended in 2012.

In July 2012, an insider, who claimed to be a Scientologist closely associated with Cruise, alleged to The Hollywood Reporter that Bella and Holmes were always on good terms. Elaborating on Bella's dismissal, they claimed, "Bella called Katie 'Mom.' She was fired out of the blue, and once Katie filed for divorce, it all made sense. This was a carefully planned ambush. Katie didn't want Bella working for her anymore because she was Tom's kid."

Bella is quite passionate about art

In 2015, Bella Kidman Cruise graduated from Delamar Academy of Make-up and Hair in London, England and started a new career as a makeup artist shortly after the course ended. However, she switched her focus to fine arts, starting her own line of limited edition t-shirts, prints, tote bags, and much more in 2018. All the products sold by the company feature artworks created by Bella herself. The website of the company, Bella Kidman Cruise, is still functional and offers free shipping all over America if the cart value exceeds $50.

As the website puts it, "Bella has been drawing ever since her wee hands could pick up a pen. Since that point in time she's been evolving in her arts." Her artworks can also be explored on her Instagram profile, where she has amassed about 55,000 followers, as of this writing. Up until late 2023, she frequently shared her paintings and sketches — which are mostly psychedelic and abstract in nature — on the page.

Bella married British I.T. consultant Max Parker in 2015

Bella Kidman Cruise — who, unlike most other celebrity kids, is rarely seen in the headlines – grabbed media attention for her 2015 wedding that didn't include Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Connor Cruise as guests. She dated her now-husband and British I.T. consultant Max Parker for less than a year before tying the knot in September 2015. With the bride being a follower of Scientology and the groom being Christian, the wedding consisted of rituals practiced in both religions. The ceremony and the reception, which were attended by a minimal number of people close to the couple, took place at The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London.

Both events were reportedly funded by Cruise, and Kidman was secretly a part of the nuptials as well. The purpose of keeping the former couple away from the events was to avoid press coverage and keep everything as low-profile as possible. As an insider revealed to the Daily Mail, "Nicole was actually involved with the wedding preparations and she did have a private dinner with Bella and Max. But she didn't go to the ceremony. Also, the animosity between Tom and Nicole was probably a factor."

Connor has acted alongside Will Smith and Chris Hemsworth

Connor Cruise made his acting debut in the 2008 Will Smith-starring film, "Seven Pounds." In the movie, Connor briefly appeared as a young version of the protagonist portrayed by Smith. In a 2008 interview (via The San Diego Union Tribune), Tom Cruise revealed how director Gabriele Muccino gave Connor the part after an audition that went on for about half an hour. Cruise, who was initially present in the audition room alongside Smith, said, "[Muccino] looked at me and Will, and Will and I were like, 'How's he doing?' And the director just said, 'Out!' So we were standing in the hall for about half an hour or something, wondering, 'What's going on in there? What's happening?'"

Needless to say, Connor did well and earned himself the role. Although Connor was never forced into acting by his parents, his upbringing did play a part in his decision to pursue a career in show business. As his father noted in the interview, "He's grown up on (acting). I've always had my kids there, in hair and makeup, just always around the sets. They've worked on sets." Connor went on to act in 2012's Chris Hemsworth-starring war film, "Red Dawn," but that happened to be his last acting gig because his own interests led him down another path.

Connor shifted his focus from acting to music as a teenager

Connor Cruise is a man of many talents, as he inherited his parents' interest in acting, as well as his own passion for music. He was only 16 years old when he embarked upon a career as a DJ. In 2013, Connor dropped his debut dance track, "Closer to Heaven," and by 2016, he was already deejaying at big events. His most notable works as a DJ include his performances at the Temple Nightclub in San Francisco and the afterparty for 2016's Terranea's Celebration of Food & Wine.

In 2016, Connor worked with a renowned music record label to release one of his songs. The said track, titled "Refined," was launched under Oxygen, a division of the famous Spinnin' Records. However, Connor, who went by DJ C-Squared at his gigs, quit deejaying within a few years, seemingly cutting off a career within the entertainment industry. As of this writing, both acting and deejaying have become a thing of the past for Connor.

Connor leads a life away from the spotlight

The second time Connor Cruise changed his chosen path, he switched up his star-studded life in exchange for deep-sea fishing in Florida, something he has stuck to for years now. In 2018, an insider told People, "Connor has a pretty simple life in Clearwater. He lives in his own home in a Scientology community. His life is deep-sea fishing. He has a lot of friends and seems very well-liked."

Connor's personal Instagram profile is filled with photos and videos of his fishing adventures, chock full of the huge fish he has caught off the Florida coast. He also runs a BBQ business called Connor's Meatshack, and the business's Instagram page features quite a few photos and videos of all sorts of meat being cooked. The bio on the page reveals they sell "wagyu, brisket, burgers, chicken, and ribs on chars, flats and smokers." However, judging by the dates on the posts shared on his Instagram accounts, Connor doesn't seem to be an active user.

Both Bella and Connor are devoted to Scientology

Following Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's divorce, Bella Kidman Cruise and Connor Cruise opted to live with their adoptive father. Being raised in the Church of Scientology, both Bella and Connor are devoted to the controversial religion. As a matter of fact, in 2019, Bella even received training to become an auditor, the person who provides introspection conclaves to others in the Church. After the training process, she wrote in a testimonial (via People), "This IS what I had been searching for. The missing piece. Suddenly everything began to make sense."

While many believe Scientology is the basis of Cruise and Connor's relationship, some claim it was also the reason behind Kidman getting alienated by her children, as the "Moulin Rouge" actor completely separated herself from the religion post-divorce. However, both Bella and Connor have denied such claims, with the latter noting in a 2014 Woman's Day interview, "I don't care what people say. I know that me and mum are solid. I love her a lot. My family means everything."