Meghdeepa Choudhury

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Kolkata, India
University Of Calcutta
The British Royal Family, Social Media Influencers, Celebrities
  • Meghdeepa has been working for Nicki Swift as a feature writer since August 2022, channeling her expertise into her words.
  • She developed an interest in The Royal Family during her pre-teen years. It was a documentary on Princess Diana that made her dive deep into the deets surrounding the British Royals, and she's been obsessed ever since.
  • With a love for everything pop culture has to offer, she is also a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, and there are hardly any Star Wars spin-off shows or movies left for her to watch. She is so much into the galactic empire that she remembers whose lightsaber emits which color and why.


Born to two writers, Meghdeepa started writing at a very early age and has had her poems and essays published by local newspapers and magazines. With a passion for novels and poetry, she chose literature as her path of education, which in turn developed her proficiency in the written word. During her late teenage years, Meghdeepa started off with a small-scale job as an academic content writer. In 2021, after years of anonymously writing articles and features for multiple websites, Meghdeepa joined Sportkeeda, where she has over 200 pop-culture-related articles (including news pieces, features, and listicles) published under her name. She has been working for Static Media since early 2022 and has served as a Google Web Stories Creator for multiple brands under the company, including Nicki Swift, Mashed, Grunge, and Looper.


Meghdeepa is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in English from the University of Calcutta, India.
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