Matthew Perry's Bank Balance At His Time Of Death Is Drastically Different Than We Initially Thought

Matthew Perry's bank balance has just become public knowledge and it may leave you a little shocked. With a reported net worth of $120 million, his financial situation is definitely different from the staggering fortune we thought it would be.

It's been eight months since Perry's tragic death in his Los Angeles home, yet new details regarding his life seem to emerge every day. The latest information to come out about the "Friends" actor comes from a report by People, who gained access to an inventory and appraisal document, indicating Perry had $1,596,914.47 in his personal bank account. The nearly $1.6 million dollar balance is not small by any means, but with how high Perry's net worth was, many expected the number in his account to be a bit higher. One person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Honestly thought he would have had a lot more than that." However, there may be a reason for the "small" amount.

With how successful his career has been, People believes that all his assets were possibly not listed in the filing that was made public. And it was reported a couple of months back that Perry had left some of his assets in a trust, which has yet to be revealed. Surely, these trusts have a lot more money than his personal bank account did.

Who is left with Matthew Perry's assets?

Matthew Perry was unmarried and had no children at the time of his death, so many wondered what would happen to his finances. In March 2024, it was revealed by Us Weekly that the "Friends" actor had named Lisa Ferguson and Robin Ruzan as co-executors of his estate. Ruzan, an executive producer on "Celebrity Liar," on which Perry starred, forfeited the responsibility. However, Ferguson, Perry's business manager, took on the role of the executor. This doesn't mean she obtains any of his assets, but she simply makes sure that what Perry detailed in important documents prior to his death is played out.

So, who is left with Perry's assets? According to People, the "Fools Rush In" star kept it within the family. In his Alvy Singer Living Trust, his parents, John Perry and Suzanne Morrison, were named as beneficiaries. Matthew's half-siblings, Caitlin Morrison and Rachel Dunn, were also listed as beneficiaries as well. Aside from this, the actor also reportedly noted in the documents that if he had kids, they would not have access to his estate.

Clearly, things are still unfolding when it comes to Matthew's finances, will, trusts, and everything in between. And with how successful he was, it seems like it will take time for everything to be situated.