Why Fans Of Flo From Progressive Thought She Left The Famous Role

Stephanie Courtney, better known as Flo from Progressive, has become one of the insurance company's greatest assets in recent history. After spending the majority of her 20s trying to find her footing in the acting and comedy world, Courtney eventually found luck with commercials, starring in campaigns for McDonald's, Quaker Oats, Toyota, and more.

But it was Progressive Insurance that swooped in giving Courtney long-term gig, a cushy paycheck, and worldwide fame, in 2007. "I booked Flo when I was just about to turn 38," wrote Courtney for Cosmopolitan. "I got married at 35. I had my kid at 40. I'm a late bloomer. But it tastes just as sweet when it's late."

Despite Courtney's reign as one of the zaniest TV mascots in history, her status has been called into question. Fans have sometimes lost faith about Courtney's role within the company for various reasons. For example, Business Insider reported in 2012 that Progressive might have to get rid of Flo's character because her overly-jovial persona didn't align with the often-serious legal matters its customers faced. The outlet also cited the fact that Flo wasn't a fresh-faced new character anymore. Also? Flo had started sharing the spotlight with a friend (that has since bloomed into an entire squad), which the outlet deemed a bad sign. Fortunately, they were wrong, but this isn't the only time folks have speculated about Flo.

Flo briefly disappeared, claimed Progressive fans

Stephanie Courtney's Flo has stood center stage in a mind-boggling number of commercials for Progressive. However, she hasn't appeared in every single ad the company has produced since her inception, and that really freaked out some fans in early 2024. According to We Got This Covered, rumors of Flo's departure sprang forth after she was left out of a major campaign for Progressive. While the outlet didn't name which ad spot Courtney failed to grace her presence with, it was likely their hilarious Super Bowl commercial starring the character, Jamie, that Progressive aired. Although he has become a part of Flo's crew, he was flying solo in a getaway driver skit.

Fans on Reddit have also expressed their concern about Flo's seemingly dwindling presence. In 2023, one user published a post titled, "Progressive; No More Flo?" They included a screenshot from "Family Matters" alum, Reginald VelJohnson's "TV Dad" campaign, which was rolled out that same year. One user took VelJohnson's presence as proof that Flo's character was being phased out of the company.

"Flo is old so maybe she will retire soon and put us out of our misery," they wrote. However, one user pointed out that Flo had been appearing in other ad spots for the company. "She's definitely around. She was just on w Jon Hamm about 20 minutes ago on our local station," wrote the user, who was not exactly thrilled about what they felt was an "annoying" commercial.

Flo is still the boss

Make no mistake about it: Progressive still loves Flo, as they've even given her top billing on the company's website! And as long as Progressive has her leading the group of equally jubilant insurance salesman, her job is probably safe. Even better? "Flo and the squad" totally makes it sound like she's leading a vintage quintet.

The company even joked about her head honcho status in a 2024 commercial titled, "Sticking it to the Boss." As Flo and the rest of the gang camp with one of their customers, the question of who's the boss arises, with one squad member assuming it's Flo. And while the humble queen seems hesitant to claim the title, she and the others are clear about who isn't in charge: Jamie. "It's funny because I'm not boss material," Jamie says. "I'm comic relief on a good day."

Of course, this is far from the only way that Stephanie Courtney has continued to make her presence known. Her face is literally sprinkled all over the company's YouTube channel. In fact, Flo brought Jamie along to star in another commercial for Progressive in July 2024, titled "Across The Hall." The 39-second commercial features the boss and employee as they role play renters from decades past. Instead of the '50s-inspired look that Flo has gracefully flaunted for years, she and Jamie embrace the 80s. Plus, Flo is verified on X, formerly known as Twitter. Enough said!