Red Flags Matt Rife And Jessica Lord's Relationship Would Never Last

This isn't a joke, Matt Rife and Jessica Lord have called it quits on their relationship. Although news of the split has just hit headlines, TMZ reports that the couple's relationshp has been over since March 2024. A source revealed to the outlet that there was no bad blood between the two and the romance just fizzled out. 

Rife and Lord first sparked dating rumors in the summer of 2023, after the comedian was caught leaving messages on the actor's social media. Rife later confirmed the romance on the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast in October 2023, revealing the two had been dating for a couple months. By the way Matt Rife talked about Jessica Lord; it seemed like she was his perfect match. He gushed, "She's very smart. I love that. She's never been insecure about the amount of attention that I get." By attention, Rife didn't mean the media, but rather female attention. But even with all of this, Lord seemed to get that it came with the territory. 

Over the next couple months, the couple's relationship seemed to skyrocket. The pair made their red-carpet debut in November 2023 and fans weren't mad about the budding romance. One Instagram user wrote, "Barbie and Ken — they're perfect." But not all young romances last, and unfortunately, that's the truth for Rife and Lord. As perfect as they may have seemed, there were some red flags that pointed to this relationship eventually coming to an end.

Jessica Lord had a boyfriend when Matt RIfe was vying for her heart

Matt Rife and Jessica Lord's relationship timeline seemed a bit sketchy and a major red flag was already apparent: She was actually in a relationship when Rife was trying to win her over. While appearing on the "Podcrushed" podcast, Rife revealed that he knew Lord a year before their relationship began, after having a gig in Mississippi. His time in the state lasted longer than supposed to, and not just because of flight delays. He shared, "I stayed an extra two days just so I could keep hanging out with her." The messed-up part, Rife knew she had a boyfriend and still kept pursuing her. He explained, "I was really trying, which was such a s***** thing to do, she had a boyfriend." Rife's attempts to win Lord over didn't end after he eventually left Mississippi.

He continued to share on the podcast, "When she got back to L.A. I called her and was like 'Hey, do you wanna come out?'" But as much as Rife tried, Lord knew deep down that it wasn't right. Rife said, "She was like 'You know, I have a boyfriend and I just don't think it's appropriate that we be friends because obviously you like me.'" After that, Rife left it alone. But clearly something seemed to work in his pursuit, because a year later, in June 2023, the two explored their relationship.

Jessica Lord and Matt Rife have busy careers

It's a surprise that Matt Rife and Jessica Lord's relationship lasted as long as it did because it seemed like the couple's schedules were against them. Rife's career has been exploding since gaining fame on social media and his job requires him to be on the road 24/7. In June 2023, right when he started his relationship with Lord, he announced on Instagram that his comedy tour that would go well into 2024. He posted, "THE WHOLE TOUR IS SOLD OUT!!!!! What an absolute dream, thank you all so much! I'm beyond excited to see all of you!!! #ProbleMATTic." The U.S. portion lasted until June 2024 and he's back on the road in September 2024 up until October for dates across the sea. Between press, shows, and everything else, it's surprising that Rife even had time for Lord.

Rife wasn't the only one busy in this relationship, as Lord also had her acting career. According to her IMDb, the actor starred in the 2023 film "Binged to Death," and in 2024, snagged a role in "Murder at Hollow Creek." And when she's not acting, she's taking part in her other passions. In June 2024, she shared a video of her in a studio dancing. "Just a casual Wednesday night," Lord wrote in the caption. Their busy schedules were a major red flag, and it seemed like only a matter of time before it would all become too much for the couple.