Barron Trump Looks More Uncomfortable Than Ever Golfing With Dad Donald

Barron Trump has signaled that his loyalties lie with his father now that he's a legal adult, but he didn't appear all that thrilled with some of Donald Trump's political rhetoric during a golf outing.

Rather than hightailing it out of Mar-a-Lago as soon as he graduated from high school, it seems that Barron has been spending some quality time with his dad before heading off to college. In a video making the rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, the former first son can be seen sitting silently beside Donald in a golf cart. Barron's facial expression is somber, with the corners of his lips turned slightly downward as his father addresses a small group gathered on the golf course. They're discussing the presidential debate, which included some bickering between Donald and Joe Biden about golf. But what Donald wanted to boast about was a false claim that Biden has dropped his presidential bid. "He's quitting the race ... I got him out," the ex-president brags. He was proved wrong during a Fourth of July speech when Biden promised voters, "I'm not going anywhere," per The Hill.

Whereas Donald's older sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, probably would have laughed or joined in when he began trashing his political opponent, Barron remains silent and doesn't crack a smile as his father says of Biden, "Look at that old, broken down pile of crap." Barron does, however, nod his head at one point.

Barron Trump appeared to agree with his father's falsehood

Viewers got some idea of how Donald Trump usually talks politics in front of Barron Trump when he casually dropped an F-bomb. After saying that he'd much rather face off against Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, Donald explains why. "She's so bad. She's so pathetic," he says. "She's so f***ing bad."

The only time Barron seems to express agreement with anything his father says in the video is when Donald erroneously suggests that he has gotten Biden to give up on running for reelection. One of the onlookers questions this claim by asking, "Is that right?" — to which Barron responds with a solemn nod. Donald can't even get simple facts about Barron correct, but it seems that he's trained his youngest to toe the family line.

What little we know about Barron's personality comes from insiders, one of whom told the Daily Mail, "[He's] very knowledgeable for someone his age. He's also far more politically interested than people realize." The source added that Barron is very close friends with Bo Loudon, a pro-Trump internet personality whose Instagram page includes several photos of him posing with Donald and Donald Trump Jr. Barron makes an appearance alongside his dad in one picture, which Bo captioned, "Best Friend, Best President." So, while Barron might not look comfortable with everything his dad says, he's still very much entrenched in MAGA culture.