Trump & Biden's Spat Over Golf At 2024 Debate Is Drama We'll Never Fore-Get

Many expected Donald Trump and President Joe Biden to step up their game at the first 2024 presidential debate, but what ended up happening was the two talking about their golf game — literally. Instead of diving into their proposed policies for their potential second terms as president, the two engaged in a heated exchange over who channels their inner Tiger Woods better.

The golf drama teed off when the CNN hosts asked about their health, given their combined age of 159 years — Biden at 81 and Trump at 78. Trump, as expected, insisted he was in peak condition, flaunting his success in physical and cognitive tests and boasting about his golf prowess. "I took two tests, cognitive tests: I aced them both of them, as you know. I took physical exams every year. I'm in very good health," he declared, adding a tidbit about his golf course behavior and saying that he had just won two "regular" golf championships.

Trump then mocked Biden's golfing skills, claiming the current president couldn't hit a ball 50 yards. Biden fired back, offering a challenge but on one condition. "Look, I'd be happy to have a driving contests with him," Biden retorted. "I got my handicap — which when I was vice president — down to a six. I told you before I'm happy to play golf, if you carry your own bag." Trump wasn't buying it, calling Biden's handicap claim one of the night's biggest lies. "I have seen your swing. I know your swing," he said. Yikes!

Fans think that the presidential hopefuls are being childish

While everyone loves a bit of petty drama, viewers were less than thrilled with the unprofessional antics of Donald Trump and Joe Biden during the debate, especially when their golf spat took center stage. Surprisingly, it was Trump who tried to play the mature card first, telling Biden, "Let's not act like children," to which Biden sniped back, "You're the child." But according to spectators, they were both behaving quite foolishly.

Many took to social media to express their frustration and sheer disbelief. "Trump got Biden defending his golf swing more than his policies. I've never seen anything like this," one fan tweeted, with another saying, "most spirited exchange biden and trump have had all evening...on golf. way too old entitled dues need to stand down." And, of course, there's Donald Trump Jr., ever the daddy's boy, who jumped in to cheer on his father. "Let's make this golf match happen STAT!!!! I'll bet everything I have on it on my father. Any takers after watching this tonight??? Didn't think so!!!" he said on X.

With how chaotic this campaign period has been, a golf match between these two isn't far-fetched. After all, this is not the first time that Biden mocked his rival about golf either. In March 2024, when Trump boasted about his golf wins on Truth Social, Biden made sure to screenshot the receipts and share it on his X account with a snarky commentary: "Congratulations, Donald. Quite the accomplishment." Touché!