Shep Rose's Dramatic Body Transformation Has Jaws Dropping

Shep Rose once took to Instagram to share snaps of him in a "Tan fat = muscle" t-shirt, and in the time since, he's even created a merch line based on it. As such, it certainly came as a surprise on the Fourth of July when he used the platform to post pics of his notably slimmed down physique. However, there's no denying a pleasant surprise. As evidenced by the comments section, people are thrilled for him.

Bravolebrities were fast to comment on Rose's body transformation. Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi wrote, "D*mn! Looking gooood Shep." Rose's "Southern Charm" co-star, Olivia Flowers was similarly impressed, and even gave a shout-out to his gym. "Somebody's been visiting @swollymammothtraining," she wrote. The gym (which, incidentally, is also frequented by his bestie Craig Conover and his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo, was only too happy to back that up, quipping in reply, "Monday — Friday! Bout to put him on salary." Somehow, we don't think Rose would refuse an opportunity to add to his net worth, which is already pretty impressive

Other than his Bravo colleagues, a number of fans were also keen to applaud Rose on being slimmer, but also seeming a whole lot healthier. We're not shocked by that. After all, his body transformation comes after some serious efforts to turn his life around after years of decidedly unhealthy habits. 

Shep turned his life around after BravoCon 2023

"Southern Charm" fans will likely remember that in the Season 9 reunion, Shep Rose admitted to being inebriated for the full duration of BravoCon 2023. That even led to Rose holding an intervention for himself. His work went beyond that, though. As he shared in a January 2024 Instagram post, he also headed to a healing center in Costa Rica not long after. 

Speaking of how the center helped him regain clarity, he shared, "It's now time to chart another course in my trusty vessel that's gotten me this far. #Coursecorrect and I can't wait to see what's on the horizon." Soon after posting that, Rose appeared on "The Everyday Warrior Nation" podcast, talking about his journey since BravoCon. He also hinted at not being able to change his habits for his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, which partially prompted their breakup, and needing to come to terms with that. However, while it seemed as though he had some regrets about that, he also acknowledged, "You can't change on someone else's timetable." 

While it's sad that Rose couldn't course correct sooner, it certainly seems as though he's on the up and up. Rose also started going to therapy a while back, so here's hoping his new perspective and approach to a healthier lifestyle can build on that. Either way, we're wishing him the best!