Brittany And Patrick Mahomes' Instagram Vs. Reality Moment At Wimbledon 2024 Is So Awkward

Not everything you see on social media is reality! As Brittany and Patrick Mahomes had an awkward Instagram versus reality moment at Wimbledon 2024.

Brittany is a social media fiend, always posting the highlights of her life to different platforms. It was just a couple days ago that the businesswoman attended a Morgan Wallen concert in London, which she shared photos of her and the football star on Instagram. In one of the photos, Patrick gave his wife a big smooch on the cheek as she smiled toward the camera. She captioned the series of pictures, "Country concert in London, count me in." Just a day later, however, the couple made their way to Wimbledon, and they looked nothing like the lovebirds in their Instagram photos.

Paparazzi snaps caught the pair having a cringeworthy media moment as they watched the matches with a straightforward and somewhat angry look (above). The happy couple they portrayed on social media was definitely not at Wimbledon. At one point, Brittany and Patrick walked hand in hand around the venue (below), but even then, they seemed miserable. Neither of the two were smiling as the Kansas City Chiefs star tried to keep his head down while walking. Whether the sudden change in their moods was because of all the media or not, it just goes to show that nothing is as it seems on Instagram.

Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes have been on a European getaway

Maybe it was the intense tennis match or perhaps it was just an off day for Brittany and Patrick Mahomes when they looked unhappy at Wimbledon 2024, because the couple sure didn't seem that way in the many photos of their European excursion.

The Mahomes family has taken a break from the football world to spend some vacation time in different parts of Europe. It all started off in Portugal where Brittany shared snaps of the family of four having a blast on the beach and at the golf course. The couple and their kids were all smiles as they posed for pictures before making their next pitstop on the family vacation. The businesswoman shared two posts of their time in Spain, where they relaxed a bit more as Brittany was able to flaunt her tiny bikini. It even looks like the couple were able to get some downtime without their kids. In one post, Brittany posed in a cabana with her hubby looking madly in love. The two laid side by side as Patrick wrapped his arm around his wife, who captioned the photos, "Marbella, Spain," with emojis of heart eyes and a white heart.

London has been the family's latest adventure, but all anyone can talk about it is how Patrick and Britanny looked at Wimbledon. But if we know anything about the couple, it's that Brittany will keep posting away as if the awkward moment never happened.