Cringey Brittany And Patrick Mahomes Moments Caught On Camera

Cringey moments between Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes date back to their early years as high school sweethearts. In September 2019, Brittany shared a major throwback snap of the pair in their high school cafeteria together. The future Kansas City Chiefs star wore a football jersey as Brittany stood behind him and used her hand to force a smile on his face. "Im glad you loved me through the glitter eyeshadow days," she wrote on X, formerly Twitter, alongside the TBT. Years later, the social media influencer recreated the throwback photo, as she squished her husband's cheeks together during a family photoshoot.

Not only has she shared awkward throwback photos, but Brittany even had matchy-matchy outfits for her and Patrick on date night. Constantly posting about their relationship online contributed to Brittany receiving a cavalcade of trolling. During an Instagram Q&A in August 2023, she was asked about dealing with her haters. "I could give two s***s about people's opinion of me that don't even know me," Brittany replied (via Sports Illustrated). She had a similar response for the "rude a** people" on Instagram in December 2023 (via E!). 

Many Brittany fans believed the hate had been unjustified, but she didn't do herself any favors with her attention-grabbing behavior. During the Chiefs Super Bowl parade in February 2024, Brittany grabbed the team's flag and ran with it down the street. In fact, that was not the only embarrassing on-camera moment for Brittany and Patrick at the celebration.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes' inappropriate parade dance

After winning the 2024 Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs threw a parade on February 14. The big event took place on Valentine's Day, so Patrick Mahomes made a sweet gesture to Brittany by gifting her a single rose before everyone went wild. Once the festivities were underway the quarterback continued to show his affection for his wife, but perhaps a bit too much.


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A TikTok was posted by NFL on Fox of Patrick approaching his wife from behind as she stood atop the team's bus that was making its way down the parade route. He started grinding on Brittany, and it took the former soccer player a minute to realize what was happening. A few fans on TikTok joked that while it was an awkward exchange at first, maybe the couple were in baby-making mode.

Part of the reason it took Brittany so long to notice her husband thrusting behind her was that she was pouring a liquid into a water bottle. "She's mixing a drink and he's grinding on his wife?" one TikTok user wrote. Not only was it uncomfortable for some fans to see the Mahomes lock pelvic regions, but several thought that Brittany's approach to drinking was unbecoming of a mother. "Brittany Mahomes pouring alcohol into her water cup like a teenager heading into a music festival," one X account wrote while sharing the video. Fans have never hesitated to make their voices heard when Brittany and Patrick share a public misstep.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes argue courtside

People were buzzing when Brittany and Patrick Mahomes were recorded in an apparent tiff while sitting courtside at a Texas Tech basketball game in February 2022. At the beginning of the clip, the NFL player had his arm around Brittany, but then he took it off and appeared to become annoyed. In a longer version of the footage, Brittany turned to their friends after the exchange and said something while making a goofy face. Amateur lip-readers started trying to guess what she said to her friends. "Patrick told me no resting bi*** face," was 102.5 KISS's guess. 

As the clip went viral, X users weighed-in on the heated courtside quarrel. "He straight took his arm away and she turned into a fish monster," one person wrote. "That's sad he's embarrassed by her like that. The one time she's not doing some bs, he got uncomfortable and took his arm away," another added.

The online chatter led to speculation about the status of the Mahomes marriage. Whispers about marital woes made their way to Patrick who had a message for the critics bashing their courtside behavior. "Man people are weird ... love you babe @brittanylynne8," he tweeted at the time. "I love you," Brittany replied along with a heart, and praying emoji. The tension during the basketball game wasn't the only time Patrick had an odd reaction to being physical with his wife.

The kiss Patrick Mahomes didn't like

As fans are well aware, Brittany Mahomes enjoys watching Patrick Mahomes play football. If she is not in a luxury suite then she is on the sidelines, where it has not been uncommon for the couple to share a kiss before kickoff. When the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Philadelphia Eagles in November 2023, the quarterback ran to his wife just as action was about to be underway. She wrapped her arms around Patrick and planted a giant kiss on his lips. ESPN shared the moment on their X feed, but many fans were more fascinated with Patrick's reaction.

After getting the smooch from his wife, Patrick turned around and immediately used his hand to wipe his mouth. That action did not go unnoticed by fans. "And promptly wipes his mouth off," an X user commented. Several pointed out that the Chiefs star was not wiping off the kiss, but the red lipstick Brittany wore. "Shoulda left that red lipstick on. It's good luck," someone else wrote. One fan thought the kiss was a bad omen. "This is why they lost," the person replied

While ESPN posted the video to highlight the married couple's embrace, the exchange was reshared on YouTube with the focus on Patrick wiping off the kiss. That was not the only embarrassing moment Brittany shared with her husband that season.

Brittany Mahomes annoys fans with a finger wag

One of the highlights of the 2023-2024 season for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs ended in mild controversy for Brittany Mahomes. She rocked a custom black and white Chiefs trench coat — which was one of Brittany's most tasteless game day outfits — to the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens. After the Chiefs won to secure a spot in the Super Bowl, Brittany accompanied her husband down the tunnel at the M&T Bank Stadium.


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As shared in a TikTok by the NFL on CBS, the couple gave each other a kiss before parting ways. Brittany immediately turned around and looked at an employee of the stadium and made a circle motion with her finger asking where to go. This rubbed several fans the wrong way as they believed the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model had not only mistreated staff, but made the moment about herself. "Mahomes wife needs to get off her high horse," one TikTok user commented. "She is to much.. So extra," another added.

A few days later, Brittany apparently caught word of the backlash and decided to respond. Once again, Brittany sounded off against her haters with a post to her Instagram Stories. "The fact that you're bringing my name onto tables I don't sit at shows your obsession. Stay bothered," she wrote on February 1 (via the New York Post). That was only one of many times Brittany took heat from fans that season.

The Mahomes' quiz misfire

During the offseason in July 2023, Patrick Mahomes took part in a couples quiz with Brittany to test their knowledge of each other in a segment for GQ. One of the questions that was seemingly harmless led to a truly awkward moment. Patrick asked his wife to name his "favorite cheat day meal" and she responded with gusto. "Fried chicken," which was wrong. Brittany tried to correct herself. "Chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes," she said. Patrick clarified that "Mexican food" was his favorite cheat meal.

People were surprised that Brittany would not know her husband's favorite dish, especially considering the pair had been high school sweethearts. The clip reached another level of uncomfortability as some believed Brittany's response had racial undertones. "She's stereotyping her own husband," one person wrote after the video was shared on X. "I'm not mad she said fried chicken [cry laughing emoji] but damn she didn't know his cheat day meal," an Instagram user wrote when the marital misfire was shared by the Shade Room. 

Months later, Brittany was sure to get her answers straight when she spoke to EatingWell for an interview in December 2023. She was asked what her favorite meal to make for the family was during football season. "My go-to is always a taco night! It's so easy to throw together and to get the whole family involved in the cooking process. Both Patrick and the kids love it," Brittany told the outlet.