Embarrassing Brittany Mahomes Moments Caught On Camera

Patrick Mahomes may be one of the best football players of his generation, but his personal life has garnered just as much attention as his gameplay. Patrick met his future wife, Brittany Mahomes, at Whitehouse High School in Texas, where they started dating in 2012, going on to tie the knot a decade later. NFL fans will recognize Brittany from always cheering on her partner at games, and yet, despite her support and their decade-long love story, some folks aren't the biggest fan of her. And while Patrick has slammed his wife's critics and stood by her publicly, she's still on the list of athlete WAGs fans can't stand the most.

Over the years, she has given haters plenty of fuel with her inappropriate outfits, her viral actions, and meme-worthy eye rolls. With her and her husband's success bringing more and more eyeballs onto them in recent years, the number of people who can't stand Brittany has continued to grow as her eyebrow-raising behavior keeps going viral. These are some of the Brittany Mahomes moments caught on camera that viewers have found to be the most cringeworthy.

The time she sprayed champagne on unsuspecting fans

When the Kansas City Chiefs advanced to the AFC Championship in January 2022, they did so by beating the Buffalo Bills after a nail-biting overtime. Adding to the excitement was the fact that they clinched the title at their home arena, Arrowhead Stadium. Not surprisingly, the Chiefs Kingdom went wild and that included Brittany Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes's then-fiancée watched the game unfold from a VIP suite and decided to celebrate the win by popping some champagne. Brittany posted a video of herself to X, formerly known as Twitter, in which she could be seen struggling to open the bottle and laughing before finally getting the cap off and spraying those below her with bubbly. Clearly, she thought it was all in good fun and she cheekily captioned the clip, "Oops [shrug emoji] #LETSGOOOOO"

Unfortunately, her celebratory gesture backfired, as many folks took issue with her antics. "There's nothing cool about spraying champagne on people who don't even know it's coming and it's cold," noted one critic. Several folks pointed out that there were underage children in the stands who ended up being sprayed with alcohol while another mused, "The optics of spraying people literally below you with a bottle of booze is not great." Yet another suggested she should have sprayed the people in her box instead. For her part, Brittany clapped back, tweeting, "I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week."

Brittany Mahomes's RBF went viral

It's safe to say Brittany Mahomes wears her emotions on her sleeve. Never was that more evident than in February 2022 when she and Patrick Mahomes sat courtside to watch the Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the Baylor Bears. The couple appeared to have a terse exchange that was caught on camera and soon went viral. It started with Patrick taking his arm away from his wife's shoulders and saying something to her with a seemingly stern face. Although he smiled as he turned back to the game, she appeared to give him a sassy one-word reply.

After that, things became quite awkward as she looked to those seated on her other side and appeared to say, "Patrick told me no more resting b**** face." She then made an exaggerated show of rolling her eyes and the Internet went wild. When sports commentator Kelly in Vegas tweeted the clip and wrote, "Poor Patrick. Have to feel for the guy," she was soon joined by a chorus of Brittany critics sharing a similar sentiment. "#FreePatrick" wrote one person while another tweeted, "He needs to cut his losses and move on." Yet another slammed, "Draining his energy. Worst type of person."

The Mahomes were quick to brush off the incident. Patrick took to X to publicly stand by his wife, writing, "Man, people are weird... love you babe." Brittany responded with a simple "I love you."

Brittany failed to guess Patrick Mahomes's fave cheat meal

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes have been together since high school, so when they took GQ Sports' couples quiz in 2023, viewers expected them to know absolutely everything about each other. Surprisingly, they didn't. While Patrick got a bunch of questions wrong, it was Brittany's failures that really got people talking.

Among her incorrect answers were the age Patrick started playing football and what he wanted to be as a kid, but it was her inability to name his favorite cheat day meal that sent critics into a tailspin. Brittany confidently and loudly proclaimed it was fried chicken, but was soon told she was wrong, so she kept guessing. She boldly proclaimed Patrick loved chicken fried steak, then added mashed potatoes to the mix, only to learn the correct answer was Tex-Mex. Brittany simply replied, "Oh," and quickly moved on, but folks didn't let her off the hook that easily. "That's a bizarre answer to give considering how long they've been together," wrote one critic while another noted, "She said fried chicken, bro said Mexican food. The [difference] is wild."

Brittany was also dragged for describing her husband's religious tattoo in a rather, erm, unique way. "No way she really just called a crucifix 'the cross with the guy on the front of it,'" mocked one viewer. Even so, she had some support from people who found her gaffes endearing. "Aw this made her more likable for sure," commented a supporter.

She passionately smooched Patrick... who wiped off her kiss

Before Patrick Mahomes takes to the field, he likes to get a good luck kiss from his wife on the sidelines. That's exactly what happened in November 2023 when he ran up to Brittany Mahomes before playing against the Philadelphia Eagles and she eagerly kissed and hugged him. However, the sweet tradition turned a little sour that day.

ESPN shared a clip of the embrace on X with a heart emoji, but trolls honed in on what happened right after the kiss. As Patrick was walking away, cameras caught him wiping off the smooch, and that moment was all many could talk about. "Wipes his mouth," pointed out one user while another underscored, "And promptly wipes his mouth off." One hater even dubbed it "a weak attempt at trying to upstage Taylor Swift."

On the flip side, some supporters defended Patrick's move, noting he was simply wiping lipstick or lip gloss off his mouth before playing an entire football game. Whatever the case was, though, Brittany wasn't fazed. She shared a photo of the couple kissing to her Instagram Stories and wrote (via Marca), "My boo thang, I love you! I am always proud of you."

Brittany was caught acting 'desperate' around Taylor Swift

Brittany Mahomes appeared to have no issue joining Taylor Swift's girl squad (they even have their own special handshake), but the truth behind their supposed friendship was brought into question in December 2023. 

As cameras filmed Swift arriving to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Green Bay Packers, they also caught Brittany going up to the pop star backstage. While she appeared to go in for a hug, Swift kept walking briskly forward, keeping her hands in her pockets the entire time. That resulted in Brittany giving her new friend a strange side hug which many found to be quite awkward.

When E! News shared a clip of the encounter to Instagram, the comments section quickly lit up with people tearing into her actions. "Brittany looking all desperate for attention," accused one person while another mused, "Brittany looks like the friend that will double text you to death." Another brutal reaction claimed, "Brittany is like that girl in high school who really wanted to be friends with the cool kids and thought she was a cool kid, and the cool kids just weren't really feeling it." Despite the drama, Brittany and the "Cruel Summer" singer were actually spotted cheering and hugging in the VIP box during the game.

Was Brittany Mahomes rude to a stadium employee?

Every time the Kansas City Chiefs win a game, Brittany Mahomes is there and ready to celebrate. And yet, her constant presence and enthusiastic support have been received negatively more often than not. Like in January 2024, when the Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens to take home the AFC Championship, and Brittany was criticized yet again for her actions.


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This time, she was filmed walking backstage with Patrick Mahomes and sharing a sweet kiss with him right before seemingly treating an M&T Bank Stadium employee with disrespect. In the clip, which went viral on TikTok, Brittany can be seen separating from Patrick and demanding "Where do we go from here?" while twirling her finger and appearing visibly annoyed. Many found the gesture to be rude and condescending and quickly called her out for it. "Britney Mahomes personality is BRUTAL," wrote one viewer while another proclaimed, "Mahomes wife needs to get up off her high horse."

As usual, Brittany didn't mind and clapped back via Instagram. "The fact that you're bringing my name onto tables I don't sit at shows your obsession," she wrote in a Story (via ABC 27). "Stay bothered."

Brittany gave Jackson Mahomes the cold shoulder

Patrick Mahomes' younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, is no fan favorite, but Brittany Mahomes has made it a point to build a good relationship with her brother-in-law. And yet, she totally brushed him off at a Las Vegas nightclub ahead of Super Bowl LVIII in February 2024. 


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In the viral video, Brittany can be seen enjoying herself in a VIP section, watching Future perform, when Jackson arrives. She's seen saying something to the security blocking the entrance while Jackson tries to talk to him, but the guard shakes his head. Ultimately, the guard doesn't allow him to pass, and, rather than being proactive, Brittany exaggeratedly rolls her eyes to the sky. She then shrugs –- twice –- and continues to dance as if her family isn't standing right there behind the rope.

The cringeworthy cold shoulder came days after TMZ spotted Jackson hanging out with Travis Kelce's ex, Kayla Nicole, in Las Vegas. Folks were quick to make a connection, with one quipping, "Go sit with Kayla is exactly what that shoulder shrug gave." Interestingly, the move won Brittany some approval. "Damn I never thought I'd like Brittany Mahomes, but now I do," read one comment.

Brittany was criticized for interrupting Patrick's speech

Patrick Mahomes snagged his third Super Bowl MVP title after he helped the Chiefs win in 2024, making him one of the highlights of the victory parade in Kansas City. Fans were pumped to hear him speak, and as he took the mic, he praised both the team and their supporters. "I just want to thank everybody here, because Chiefs Kingdom, y'all are the reason that we do what we do," he gushed.

The crowd cheered and the energy was all love when, suddenly, Brittany Mahomes pushed her way to the front of the stage and yelled to her hubby. "Hey, don't forget, you're a regular quarterback," she said, grabbing his arm. Patrick brushed it off, quipping, "I know, I know, I'm a regular quarterback, it is what it is," then continued his speech. However, while he let the interruption slide, others weren't as forgiving.

It's important to note that Brittany was likely trying to shade San Francisco 49er Tashaun Gipson Sr. who famously ranted against Patrick, calling him "just a regular f***ing quarterback," but it still made people cringe. "Embarrassing regardless if she is trolling the 9ers," went one comment on TikTok while another person wondered, "Why is she even on stage? It's a team thing but ofc she NEEDS the attention." Another critic agreed, adding, "She is a distraction to what he is saying to all of the fans of Chiefs kingdom."